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A selection of the best equine products.
From Switzerland, with quality, precision, and… love.

A choice of quality. A matter of love.

Thanks to our experience in the equestrian sector and the close partnerships with prestigious brands, we guarantee the well-being of your horse with a wide selection of the best products on the market, and with an always attentive and punctual service.

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Supplements and Feeds

Personalized nutrition, prevention and well-being. Ensure Your horse’s health with the right diet.

Horse care

A world in a word. All the products You need to protect Your passion with love and devotion.

Horse Accessories

The importance of the right item. A large selection of products to enjoy the horse experience at its best.

Horse Cleaning

Show Your horse all of Your love by keeping it clean and making it shine!

Leather Care

Solutions to make precious things last. The care of Your equestrian equipment is as well synonymous with Your horse’s security.

Stable Care

Take care of Your horse’s house in the same way You take care of Your own. Be sure their stalls are comfortable and safe.

Fences & Paddocks

Be sure Your horse’s paddock is as safe as possible. Choose the best solutions to let it enjoy all the freedom it deserves.

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