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    ARNICA LEG GEL 500 gr

    CHF 37,13

    Gel for the limbs of the horse based on Arnica and Aloe

    With well-known anti-inflammatory, decontracting properties,
    Arnica Montana contained in Arnica Leg Gel is widely used worldwide as decongestant and defatigating agent.
    of horseracing and riding. Just think how many times
    after a short walk, perhaps for a simple slip, the horse returns to the stable with a gait that can
    be simply irregular or markedly limped.
    Arnica Montana is also effective for the long-term treatment of traumas, tears and arthritic pains, typical especially of the
    elderly horses; or of subjects that are still young but abundantly exploited, from an orthopaedic point of view, during
    certain types of competitions such as show jumping.
    The other essential ingredient of Arnica Leg Gel is Aloe
    with analgesic, antiphlogistic and purifying properties now widely exploited also in the human field. The most important active ingredient of Aloe is a mucopolysaccharide,
    called Acemannan, with immunostimulant properties,
    capable of increasing by at least ten times the activities of the
    macrophages that destroy toxins.
    Aloe is regarded by many as a powerful energizer,
    primarily known for its inhibitory property on the
    pain; in fact, when applied locally, it penetrates all the layers of the
    dermis, by inhibiting the enzymes that cause inflammation
    and reducing it.
    Aloe also has healing properties, known and
    already used in Roman times, and for this Arnica Leg
    Gel is a suitable product even if used at a mild level.
    The Manganese and Selenium found in the structure of the Aloe itself release their antioxidant action,
    useful on a muscular level.
    Arnica Leg Gel is therefore an ideal topical use gel if applied in any case of sprains, contusions, slight cuts
    entities and abrasions.
    The product can be used before or after training. Apply gently to tendons. Not
    use the product with bandages or by spreading it
    vigorously because it could have an irritating effect. Arnica Leg Gel can be diluted with water.
    warm to create a relaxing bath for the muscles

  • ARNICA LEG GEL 500 gr

    CHF 37,13
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  • BEECH TAR Horse Master 300 ml

    CHF 16,00

    Protection and care of hooves

    BEECH TARS have known antiseptic and fungicidal properties, which protect the sole and the frog.
    Beech GOUDRON is also a very effective waterproofing agent in a wet environment, providing long-lasting and natural protection for your horse’s feet. The aerosol makes the tar very easy to use, allows you to cover the most difficult to reach areas and avoids staining.

  • BEECH TAR Horse Master 300 ml

    CHF 16,00
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    CHF 59,06

    Complementary feed suitable for horses in competitive activity

    Equisport Performance is a highly concentrated supplement of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which guarantees
    the contribution of all those elements that are fundamental for the correct maintenance of physiological functions even during
    the periods of intense work and increased stress that often
    are subjected to athletic horses. Equisport Performance ensures a balanced balance of calcium and phosphorus, which is essential for sports horses; it also contains a selection of trace elements in their chelated form, which guarantees
    the maximum assimilation of the same and a hepatoprotective action. The essential amino acids contained in Equisport
    Performance, in particular lysine, methionine and threonine, are essential for protein synthesis and therefore
    for that of all tissues, including muscle,
    but also enzymes, hormones and antibodies. In addition Equisport
    Performance contains L-carnitine, which plays a role in the
    fundamental in energy metabolism, as it is essential for the oxidation of fatty acids and their use
    for the production of energy at the muscular level, reducing
    also the formation of lactic acid. L-carnitine also
    improves the adaptive response of muscles to training,
    increases fatigue resistance and shortens recovery time. Finally, Equisport Performance also contains yeast
    that promote digestive function

    The scoop contains 180 gr of product.
    Horses in training: administer 100 – 150 gr per day
    with the normal daily ration.

    Vitamin A 41000000 IU
    Vitamin D3 50000 IU
    Vitamin E 7000 IU
    Vitamin C 1000 mg
    Niacin 600 mg
    Vitamin B2 400 mg
    Vitamin B1 250 mg
    Vitamin B6 40 mg
    Biotin 10 mg
    Zinc 5000 mg
    Iron 3500 mg
    Manganese 3200 mg
    Copper 1500 mg
    Iodine 80 mg
    Cobalt 20 mg
    Selenium 20 mg
    L-Lysine 15000 mg
    DL-Methionine 7500 mg
    L-threonine 2000 mg
    L-Tryptophan 800 mg
    L-Carnitine 5000 mg
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae 465 billion UFC

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    CHF 59,06
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  • Equisport Senior Kg 1.5 Horse Master

    CHF 119,12

    Complementary feed indicated for older horses

    Equisport Senior helps to keep the elderly horse viable and delay the effects of aging, compensating for any nutritional deficits and providing all those essential elements to ensure vitality and general well-being, elasticity and joint flexibility and a regular functioning of vital organs. Equisport Senior contains several natural ingredients that perform many of these basic functions. Spirulina, for example,
    it is a algae rich in proteins and essential fatty acids, very important for general well-being and for the proper functioning of the immune system; Greek hay, in addition to providing appeal, improves form, increasing muscle masses and encouraging rapid weight gain in inappropriate and convalescent horses. Equisport Senior also contains a grade amount of yeasts that act by strengthening the beneficial gut flora and improving nutrient digestion.
    The devil’s claw, Salice bark and Olmaria have beneficial properties on the locomotor apparatus, increasing its flexibility and reducing pain related to degenerative processes due to aging; Artichoke, Golden Verga and Tarassaco are important detossifying for the kidney and liver.
    Vitamin B1, B6 and Agnocasto support the proper functioning of the nervous system, limiting cellular degeneration; Ginkgo Biloba and Blueberry stimulate microcirculation and help the heart muscle. Finally, Equisport Senior contains antioxidants such as vitamin E, selenium and cinnamon that prevent muscle fatigue and strengthen the immune system.

    Vitamin A 300000 UI Vitamin D3 25000 UI Vitamin E 42.5 mg Niacina 500 mg Vitamin B2 150 mg Vitamin B1 250 mg Vitamin B6 250 mg Vitamin B12 1 mg Folic Acid 125 mg Vitamin B5 750 mg
    L-lysine 10000 mg DL-Metionin 5000 mg Zinc 1500 mg Manganese 1260 mg Copper 500 mg Iron 500 mg Iodine 10 mg Cobalt 6 mg Selenio 2.5 mg
    Corn Gluten, Wheat Cruschello, Rye Cruschello, Soybeans, Sugarcane apple, yeast, magnesium oxide, Spirulina algae (Arthrospira platensis ), Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens), Greek Fieno (Trigonella foenum-graecum), Fucus (Fucus vesiculosus), Ginkgo (Ginko biloba), Carciofo (Cynaria scolymus), Ortica (Urtica dioica, L.), Gentian (Gentiana lutea L), Cardus marian (Cardus marianum

  • Equisport Senior Kg 1.5 Horse Master

    CHF 119,12
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  • Horse Master Derm Stop 300ml

    CHF 40,05

    Treatment loathing for Recurrence Summer Dermatitis


    Purified water, lanolin, benzoate benzoate at 25.


    Derm Stop is a benzoate-based loon, a useful principle in the treatment of horses and ponies, affected by Recidivist Summer Dermatitis (DER). This skin pathology, which typically affects equines, is seasonal and on an allergic basis and is characterized by the appearance of extremely itchy lesions, resulting from the bite of insects, very similar to midges, belonging to the genus Culicoides. The areas most affected are the head, withers, shoulders, rump, chest, abdominal region and tail base. The lesions are typical of the allergic reaction: initially small but very itchy papules are formed, which cause the horse to scratch; because of this self-traumatism the injuries worsen, hesitating in alopecic areas or with broken hairs, along with excoriations and crusts, which can face secondary bacterial infections. The pathology develops mainly in the spring and slowly regresses in autumn, but each year is relapsing with increasingly accentuated symptomatic paintings.
    For condom purposes, in DER-sensitive individuals, it is recommended to start applying the product in the spring before the onset of symptoms, continuing treatment until the end of summer.


    Benzil Benzoato in the HORSE’s DER helps to reduce irritation in affected areas, control bacterial infections and keep insects away, a starting point in disease control.


    Spread the product on the areas to be treated, massaging vigorously against the hair, so that the product penetrates the skin. Repeat the treatment 2 times a day during the first week. Gradually reduce the frequency of treatments until you reach a weekly application.

  • Horse Master Derm Stop 300ml

    CHF 40,05
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  • Horse Master DoloPhyt 450ml

    CHF 79,00

    DoloPhyt effectively and long-lastingly relieves pain from muscle stiffness and irregular gaits.

    Horse Master DoloPhyt 450ml

    Natural supplement for horses based on anti-inflammatory plant extracts. Ideal in case of joint pain, tendons, muscles. Immediate action.


    Plant extracts (olmaria, thyme, liqueur and others)
    Sodium chloride

    Not doping


    The horse is often affected by stiffness and osteoarticular and muscular pain due to build defects, inadequate training, very intense efforts or simply due to advancing age.

    DoloPhyt effectively helps alleviate all problems related to the locomotor apparatus (feet, tendons, limbs, neck, back, pelvis) and gives comfort quickly and sustainably.

    It increases the flexibility and well-being of the horse, thus facilitating its predisposition to work.

    The positive effects are obtained very quickly (a few days of administration), thanks to the immediate action.
    It can be used continuously without side effects, in fact DoloPhyt is a natural complementary food based on plant extracts selected for specific anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

    These include, for example, licorice, which contains cortisone-like glycerretic acid; the olmaria or queen of the meadows, rich in derivatives of salicylic acid with analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory action; thyme, antispasmodic action.

    It can also be used in subjects who practice competitive activities as the plants contained in it are not doping.

    How to use it

    The way and dosage of use depends on the condition of the joints, the activity and age of the horse.
    For a horse of 500 kg: distribute 10-15 ml/day for 15 days, repeatable. In case of acute joint problems: 20-25 ml/day for 5-10 days, followed by 10-15 ml/day for the next 15 days, repeatable.

    In case of chronic joint disorders or elderly horses: 5-10 ml/day continuously.

  • Horse Master DoloPhyt 450ml

    CHF 79,00
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  • Horse Master Hargo Phyt 1L

    CHF 60,02

    Natural product based on Devil’s Claw, ideal for rheumatic disorders, arthritis, tendinitis.

    Horse Master Hargo Phyt 1L

    Natural product made from Devil’s Claw.
    It maintains normal joint mobility in adult and elderly horses and counteracts stiffening of the limbs.
    Soothing and calming action in progress of osteoarticular and muscular pathologies, ideal in progress of rheumatic disorders, arthritis, tendinitis.


    HARGO PHYT is a plant-based product particularly suited to supplement the diet of horses who frequently suffer from joint and muscle disorders.
    The administration of HARGO PHYT counteracts the stiffening of the limbs at the beginning and end of work/training tests and contributes to the maintenance of a normal motility in adult and elderly horses.
    The Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) has been used for centuries, in the traditional medicine of South African peoples, for its soothing and calming action in various problems of the osteo-articular system.
    Its effectiveness is due to the content of glucoiridoids, phytosterols and flavonoids. Its use is widespread and well known also in the world of equestrian sport, where the discomfort caused by rheumatic disorders, arthritis, tendinitis are experienced at the same time as the impossibility of taking certain categories of drugs, considered performance-enhancing drugs.
    The devil’s claw is a viable and natural alternative that can help improve the horse’s locomotor conditions.

    How to use it

    Shake well before use.
    Close after use.
    Horses in normal physical activity: give 50 ml a day mixed in food or directly in the mouth of the horse.
    Horses engaged in work tests, training: give 100ml a day for 5 days before tests that require prolonged efforts.


    Devil’s Claw/ Harpagophytum procumbens, Equiseto/Equisetum arvense, Black Ribes/ Ribes nigrum, Viola tricolor/Viola tricolor, Calendula/Calendula officinalis. De-mineralized water

    WARNING: This product could be doping.
    Consult the rules of your discipline and your country. Suspension time: 72 hours before the competition.
    The devil’s claw is considered DOPING in the FEI disciplines from January 1, 2016.

  • Horse Master Hargo Phyt 1L

    CHF 60,02
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  • Horse Master Kof Eze 1L

    CHF 49,04

    Natural syrup for the treatment of cough with expectorant, decongestant and antispasmodic action.

    Horse Master Kof Eze 1L

    Horse Master Kof Eze with essential oils that keep the respiratory system healthy has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic properties and expectorant, decongestant and antispasmodic action.


    Essential oil of eucalyptus, pine, thyme, rosemary, glycerin, water.


    Seasonal changes, with sudden rains and cold, lowering of the immune defenses due to prolonged transport, stress and intense work, can promote the onset of respiratory diseases (rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis).

    These are often characterized by the presence of an annoying and persistent cough, a poor predisposition to work, breathing difficulties and a state of general malaise; this condition, if neglected, can even give rise to serious complications.

    Kof Eze is a natural syrup rich in specific essential oils to keep the respiratory system healthy and fight coughing.
    In particular it contains Eucalyptus, a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral with specific action on the respiratory system, with bronchodilatory and expectorant action.

    Pine has an antiseptic and decongestant effect on the airways, useful ongoing bronchitis and other respiratory tract infections, favoring breathing. Rosemary has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic properties.

    The Thyme, finally, has antiseptic, balsamic and expectorant action: it thus disinfects the entire respiratory system, facilitating the expulsion of the catarrh and fighting cooling diseases.

    How to use it

    Administer with daily ration or with the help of a syringe directly into the horse’s mouth (on the back of the tongue), 30 ml for 3 times a day.

  • Horse Master Kof Eze 1L

    CHF 49,04
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  • Horse Master Lami Stop 500ml

    CHF 39,00

    Complementary feed for horses with laminite problems


    Laminitis or podoflemmatitis can affect any horse and any limb and consists of a degeneration, necrosis and inflammation of the dermal and epidermal foils of the hoof, with the appearance of severe pain. The causes can be vascular, toxic-metabolic and traumatic. One of the main mechanisms that trigger the onset of laminitia is the alteration of the vascularization of dermatic foils through the closure of the arterials that nourish them and the consequent ischemia and necrosis. The plants contained in Lami Stop act at different levels in order to ensure maximum protection against this pathology. For example the Ginkgo biloba is known for its ability to increase blood flow and thus improve circulation; Thistle is useful in the course of liver diseases as well as being a hepatoprotector (the liver is responsible for the metabolization of toxic compounds that are among the main causes of the onset of laminite); Anise is a natural diuretic, important for the elimination of toxins, as well as having analgesic action and help prevent the onset of onicomicosis (fungal foot infections). Stop lami can be used both for preventive purposes, in horses predisposed to the onset of laminites (for example in subjects fed large quantities of cereals), and in individuals suffering from laminite, to promote the elimination of toxins.


    Maintenance (prevention): 25 ml per day with food (15 ml for ponies) for one week a month. Treatment (active syndrome): 50ml a day with food (40ml for ponies) for a week or more if needed.


    LT Ginkgo extract
    Ginkgo biloba Anise extract
    Pimpinella anisum extract by Thistle Mariano
    Marian Carduus
    DL-Metionin 35000 mg
    Choline 17500 mg
    Betaine 12500 mg
    Vitamin B12 100 mg
    Zinc 2800 mg
    Manganese 1400 mg
    Iron 961

  • Horse Master Lami Stop 500ml

    CHF 39,00
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  • Horse Master Ragadin 250 ml

    CHF 46,17

    Cream indicated for the treatment of skin lesions such as spiders, cuts, abrasions, burns, scratches and even deep wounds.

    COMPOSITION: picric acid, beeswax, lanolin, aloe vera, honey, polyester.

    USE MODE: It is not necessary to clean the wound before the first application. Before each subsequent application, thoroughly clean the wound with a clean cloth, eliminating dead skin and any growths present. Apply a thick layer of Ragadin that completely covers the area to be treated. If possible, protect the area treated with a bandage. Reapply Ragadin daily until the hair has regrown.

    WARNING: formulated only for use on animals.

  • Horse Master Ragadin 250 ml

    CHF 46,17
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  • Horse Master Tying Stop 1L

    CHF 62,06

    Suitable for horse athletes to counteract the accumulation of lactic acid. Avoid muscle soreness and cramps (“Tying up” or “Monday disease”).

    Horse Master Tying Stop 1L

    Avoid muscle soreness and cramps (“Tying up” or “Monday disease”).


    Tying Stop is a sodium citrate-based supplement that has a selective action on demolition acids derived from cellular combustion and specifically at the time of metabolism related to muscle contraction.
    It counteracts the accumulation of lactic acid and promotes drainage, avoiding muscle soreness, cramps, “hemorrhages” or “Tying Up” (Monday’s sickness) in jargon; syndrome that affects and damages the muscle tissue of horses. Vitamin B1 intervenes in the metabolism of glucides at the time of muscle contraction.
    A deficiency of this vitamin causes a build-up of toxic residues, resulting from the incomplete demolition of glucides in the blood and tissues, causing severe disorders at the level of the central nervous system.
    Vitamin B5 (D-pantoonnic acid) intervenes in the synthesis of long-chain fatty acids, used to reduce the rate of lactic acid and boost oxygen use.
    Tying Stop is ideal for horses prone to stress myopathies (cramps, muscle soreness or “Tying Up”).
    Thanks to its formulation it counteracts the accumulation of lactic acid. The use of Tying Stop is therefore indicated in sports horses during training or under intense strain or without adequate physical preparation.


    Tying Stop can be given daily with the food at the dose of 30ml per subject. In the run-up to a race or intense effort, Tying Stop can be given directly into the horse’s mouth at 60ml.

  • Horse Master Tying Stop 1L

    CHF 62,06
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  • Horse Master Verutex B

    CHF 30,12

    Skin loathing specific to the treatment of papillome and warts.

    COMPOSITION Aqua, Thuja Westerns extract, alcohol.


    It is common to find unsightly papillomes or warts in both adult horses and foal, however it is much more frequent in young people, between the year and the two years of life. The most frequent localizations are the lips, the eye contour, the foreskin and the belly, but it is not uncommon for other parts of the body to develop as well as shins or nods.
    To viral etiology such growths can easily be transmitted from one subject to another within the same stable.
    Often considered an exquisitely aesthetic problem, papillomi sometimes, depending on the location, become real annoyances for both the horse and the rider.
    If they develop on the skin at points of contact with mouthing or harnesses, or at the level of the limbs where the bumpers are to be placed, they can in fact detach in a bloody way and face persistent bleeding, they can become infected or even worse recurrence but with increasing size, thus making it impossible to use the animal.
    Verutex B based on Thuja extract, performs at the skin level a moisturizing, soothing and stimulation action on dermal renewal, facilitates the detachment of papillomas or warts.
    In addition, the virrotic properties of the Thuja plant block, or otherwise slow down, the replication of the responsible virus thus hindering further development.


    Scour the affected part with a cloth soaked in product twice a day until resolution.

    * The Thuja Occidentalis is a species of the genus Thuja, an evergreen conifer of the Cupressaceae family native to North America. In phytotherapy is documented the use of the essential oil of this plant, to be applied locally, to fight warts or papillomes facilitating its detachment.

  • Horse Master Verutex B

    CHF 30,12
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