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    Magic Hoof Igieina Spray 400ml

    CHF 23,09

    Toilet spray solution for the hoof, refreshing soothing, emollient, balsamic, soothing.


    Vegetable oil,wax, lipid derived myrica ceriferous, grape oil.


    Refreshing, sanitizing, calming, emollient, balsamic, soothing, ideal to prevent painful states of the hoof for dryness and problems of poor elasticity, frequent in the summer and late spring season. Specially formulated for the care and health of the horse’s slice and sole. The special basic formulation of Alchil-dimetil-benzil-ammonium saccharine gives the product a high activity necessary for the control of bacterial degradation of the fettone; in addition to daily care, the product is used in the case of detachments, abscesses, worms, summer sores, ulcerations, etc., thus favoring the functionality of the movement of the limb to which the mechanism of dilation and contraction of the hoof is the basis.


    Clean the area to be treated, removing any residue. Shake the cylinder then spray directly on the part from a distance of about 20 cm with short and repeated sprays, limiting each spray to a duration of 3-5 seconds in order to avoid excessive cooling. Repeat the treatment up to three times a day.

  • Magic Hoof Igieina Spray 400ml

    CHF 23,09
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