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    Vita Flex Thermaflex Gel 354ml

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    Pain-relieving liniment with MSM, reduces swelling and prevents soreness.


    Menthol 4%, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), marigold and rosemary extract, melaleuca leucadendron oil, other ingredients including alcohol.


    Horses are beautiful athletes often employed for activities to which they are not physiologically predisposed. This often happens during competitions, be it races, obstacle courses or the American mounting disciplines.

    Thermaflex is a gel to be applied at the level of “shins” and knots of the horse immediately after intense work, to reduce unsightly swelling and prevent soreness.
    Thermaflex Gel, thanks to its particular formulation but above all to the menthol content, favors an initial cooling of the part giving relief to the fatigued horse and subsequently heating that determines the regional vasodilation and drainage of fluids at the tissue level with reduced swelling.

    In fact, thermal studies of the effects on the areas treated with Thermaflex Gel have shown that after 3 minutes of application there is a first refreshing effect determined by menthol which, subsequently, acts as a counterirritant by increasing the local circulation.
    The heating of the part and the local anesthetic effect of menthol allow to reduce the pain and swelling caused by overwork, sprain or trauma to the musculoskeletal system, joint, and tendon-tie apparatus.

    MSM performs a specific anti-inflammatory action that effectively supports the thermoregulatory action of menthol. It does not contain acetone.


    To achieve a better result apply on aching muscles and joints, after work when the skin pores are open, and gently massage to help the product penetrate. Natural extracts and contained oils do not require bandages and stimulate circulation in the application area. Do not apply tight bandages or heat sources on the treated area.
    Do not use on irritated skin. Suspend use if there is excessive irritation of the treated part and consult the veterinarian.

  • Vita Flex Thermaflex Gel 354ml

    CHF 39,14
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