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    Beetroot Flakes Stiefel 1,7 Kg

    CHF 27,02

    Benefits the immune system

    High iron content
    Rich in vitamin C
    With valuable trace elements

    Stiefel Beetroot provides natural Vitamin C, iron, folic acid, B-vitamins, calcium and betanin. Stiefel Beetroot can contribute towards strengthening the immune system and supporting the metabolism and blood formation.

    Since ancient times, the Germans have regarded beetroot as a medical herb that supports blood formation. The high iron content and the betanin that provides the red colour of the beetroot stimulate blood formation, can prevent anaemia and support regeneration. Beetroot furthermore provides a natural supply of Vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium and folic acid. Beetroot flakes are well-suited as supplementary feed to increase the iron and trace element content of the feed in a natural way and to support the body’s immune system.

    Feeding information:
    Horses (600 kg body weight) 100 g per day
    Small horses 50g per day
    Feed Beetroot dry or softened (leave to soak for 15 minutes)

    Product Properties : Feed
    100% Beetroot

  • Beetroot Flakes Stiefel 1,7 Kg

    CHF 27,02
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  • Black Cumin Oil Stiefel 1L

    CHF 46,05

    For a strong immune system
    100% natural oil from Egypt
    For horses with eczema

    Stiefel Black Cumin Oil is a naturally pure, cold-pressed oil that originates directly from Egypt. It is rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids and can have positive effects on the immune system, skin, coat, the respiratory tract and the digestive system. It is also often used for horses with eczema, as it can have a stimulating effect on the immune system. Black cumin oil should be provided in the form of treatment courses. A small dosing bottle containing 250 ml is suitable for providing a 10-day course for a large horse.

    Feeding recommendation:
    Horses (600 kg body weight) 15-25 ml per day
    Small horses 10-25 ml per day

    HINT: Also try Stiefel black cumin pellets
    Store the feed in a cool and dry place protected against direct sunlight. Use soon after opening.

  • Black Cumin Oil Stiefel 1L

    CHF 46,05
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  • Cavalor An Energy Boost (1 x 60 gr)

    CHF 14,05

    Oral pasta developed for horses that need to provide optimal performance in a short time. Mix of high-quality electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, sugars and salt.

    Cavalor An Energy Boost (6 x 60 gr)

    Paste for oral use developed for horses that must provide optimal performance in a short time.
    Cavalor® An Energy Boost is a mix of high quality electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, sugars and salt. A mixture of important elements when practicing sports.

    Packaging: box of 6 x 60 g tubes.

  • Cavalor An Energy Boost (1 x 60 gr)

    CHF 14,05
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  • Cavalor FreeBute Box 20 x 10 g

    CHF 105,10

    Sports horses provide the best performance when they are not in any way aching. Cavalor Free Bute relieves muscle and joint pain.

    Cavalor® FreeBute 90 Pills – Sport Horses Supplement Line

    Sports horses provide the best performance when they are not in any way aching. Cavalor Free Bute relieves muscle and joint pain.

    Freebute tablets are ideal for horses that are sporty and participate in tournaments or who generally work a lot. The herbal mixture does not contain banned substances and is therefore suitable even during a tournament.

    FreeBute can be combined with Arti Matrix or Muscle Fit, both from the Cavalor brand.

    Pack: jar with 90 pills.

    Indications of use

    Feed recommendations for FreeBute: Give your horse 20 g daily. Maximum dosage 30 g per day per horse. 1 to 2 days before and during competitions.

  • Cavalor FreeBute Box 20 x 10 g

    CHF 105,10
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  • Cavalor Kick Up 1000ml

    CHF 84,13

    Restores energy to tired horses in 2 days. Ideal for keeping the horse in shape during multiple-day events.

    CAVALOR® KICK-UP – Premium Line

    When conditional lassitude strikes for no apparent reason.

    Indication for use

    Sometimes without any demonstrable reason, a horse may have a period of listlessness in both appearance and performance. As a consequence, the horse creates an impression of dullness. In these cases, the horse’s body may need a special boost of nutrients. The nutrients in Cavalor Kick Up help boost your horse’s physiological processes and therefore may revitalize and improve your horse’s performance.

    It is recommended to supplement Cavalor Kick Up in the evening before competition and in the morning of competition if the horse should be less fit.

    Composition, application and safety of the product

    The (liquid) dietary feed Cavalor Kick Up enriches the normal feed ration with easily and rapidly absorbed vitamins, minerals, amino acids and aromatic plant extracts. Thanks to the presence of these high-grade nutrients and their interaction, the physiological processes receive a boost. The results of Cavalor Kick Up are quickly noticeable. The horse appears revitalized and the performance improves rapidly.

    Cavalor Kick Up is given to the horse 2 times a week in periods when there is a need for nutritional recovery and convalescence; it is also given every day in periods of greatly increased need (e.g., during a heavy competition season).

    Dosage, A.

    Active competition horses: 50 cc/ 1.69 oz per animal per day

    Ponies and recreation horses: 25 cc/ 0.85 oz per animal per day

  • Cavalor Kick Up 1000ml

    CHF 84,13
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  • Cavalor Oilmega 2lt

    CHF 43,04

    More than just oil, for a horse in Mega Health.
    Cavalor Oilmega contains a perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids plus a high dosage of Vitamin E.

    Cavalor Oilmega contains a perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids plus a high dosage of Vitamin E.

    Cavalor Oilmega ensures shiny hair, lubricates joints, supports muscle functions, has a positive impact on energy tightness and increases immune defenses.

    Commodities: Soyseed oil 13, turnip oil 15, flax seed oil 35, pearl oil 35

    Ways of use:

    Administer Cavalor OilMega for at least 30 days (better 60 days). It can be used every day.

    Frequently asked questions:

    What distinguishes Cavalor OilMega from other oils?

    The different sources used of vegetable oils contain more omega 3 fatty acids than omega 6 and vice versa. Cavalor OilMega is composed of a mixture of different vegetable oils in such a way as to balance the intake of fatty acids. In this special miscellany of oils, Cavalor OilMega contains patented ingredients such as NAB (Natural Antibiotics). NAB is known for its antimicrobial activities. These have an effect on the large intestine, reducing pathogenic microorganisms. Horses with muscle problems can have beneficial effects with the combined use of Muscle FIT and Cavalor OilMega. Intervening on fatty acids can achieve excellent results on the immune system, hair, and sperm quality in stallions.

    Cavalor OilMega can replace products such as Resist-vit. C or Cavalor Muscle Fit?

    No, they are products that act at different levels. Cavalor OilMega provides energy and influences immune defenses through fatty acids. NAB helps microflora fight pathogens. Cavalor Resist – Vit. C provides the nutrients needed to boost antioxidants and improve immune status, so as to help the horse protect itself from environmental factors that may be adverseto health (e.g. long transport). Cavalor Muscle Fit provides nutrients that support muscle health and prevent muscle fatigue. Horses with muscle problems can benefit from the combined use of Muscle Fit and Cavalor OilMega.

    Can Cavalor Vitaflor 365 and Cavalor OilMega be given simultaneously?

    Of course, the ingredients of the two products act at different levels. Cavalor OilMega provides specific fatty acids that improve the overall health of the horse. NAB has a positive effect on gut flora by eliminating pathogenic bacteria. As a result, you have better digestion and increase your immune defenses. Cavalor Vitaflor 365 is a combination of pro and prebiotics that stimulates the functionality of intestinal microflora.

  • Cavalor Oilmega 2lt

    CHF 43,04
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  • Cavalor Pow’red Performance 2 lt

    CHF 68,12

    Mix of high-quality vitamins and minerals, in liquid form.
    Increases the number of red blood cells in the blood, optimizing oxygen transport.
    It guarantees energy and durability.

    CAVALOR® POW’RED PERFORMANCE – Sports Horse Supplement Line

    It optimizes the transport of oxygen in the blood and promotes the formation of red blood cells.

    Use and doses: Add Cavalor Pow’red Performance to the normal horse feed ration from 30 to 90 cc per day depending on the horse’s age and size (a 3cc sprayer dose).
    Puleders and ponies 25 ml/young horses 25 ml/sport horses 50 ml/mares and stallions 25 ml.

    Maximum daily dose: 100ml

    Shake well before use

    SOURCE CHIMICA ANALYSIS:Humidity 55.30 , Raw Protein 8.00 , Raw Fats 0.60 , Raw Ash 5.3, Raw Fiber 0.10 , Kick 0.16

    Integration for Kg.: Vitamin A 305000 IU, Vitamin D3 25000 IU, Vitamin 9000 mg, Vitamin B1 2000 mg, Vitamin B2 1200 mg, Vitamin B3 2000 mg, Vitamin B6 500mg, Vitamin B12 4000 mg, Vitamin PP 3600 mg, Vitamin C 20000 mg, Folic Acid 500 mg, Choline 5000 mg ,

    Oligoelements per Kg: Iron: amino acid chelate iron hydrated 10,000 mg, Zinc: zinc chelate of amino acids 6000 mg, Manganese: amino acid manganese chelate 6000 mg, Copper: amino acid copper chelato of hydrated amino acids 1250 mg, Selenium: organic form of hydrated amino acids slelenium produced by S. cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 10 mg.

    Other additives: BHT/ethoxyquine/propylgallate

    Commodities: Water 50, Cane Melasso 19.4, Vegetable soya oil 0.4 (produced by genetically modified soy)

    Frequently asked questions:

    Can I use Cavalor An Energy Boost before starting competitions instead of a multivitamin supplement?

    Cavalor An Energy Boost is formulated to provide immediate energy before entering the race field. If the horse needs extra vitamins and salts to deal with a long and tiring event of several days is recommended the use of Pow’red Performance. Cavalor NutriPLus is best used to supplement the normal food ration with vitamins and minerals.

    What distinguishes Cavalor Pow’red Performance from other similar products?

    Cavalor Pow’red Performance contains a higher concentration of vitamins, particularly group B. A sufficient contribution of vit E is indispensable for the athlete horse to increase his ability to synthesize them. B vitamins play a key role in metabolic energy and red blood cell protection. Especially suitable for horses with anaemia tendency.

    What is best for and how should I use Pow’red Performance?

    Cavalor Pow’red Performance can be used for a period of intense activity and during competitions for a period of 2-3 weeks. Cavalor Pow’red Performance contains a high dose of vitamins, which defines it as an ideal supplement for high-level multi-day commitments (tour). Cavalor Pow’red Performance contains a rather low dosage of vit A and D3. This is because these vitamins are already sufficient with proper nutrition and, on the other hand, too high a intake of vit A and D3 can be toxic.

  • Cavalor Pow’red Performance 2 lt

    CHF 68,12
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  • Cavalor Resist + Vit C 2 Kg

    CHF 169,17

    It increases immune defenses and decreases the risks of infections and diseases. Optimal for horses subjected to periods of intense stress such as travel, competitions, team changes and power.


    Recommended dosage:

    • Adult horses – 45g
    • Ponies and young horses – 30g
    • Maximum dose – 100g
    • Administer for at least 20 days

    Food: Additional food



    raw protein 15 %
    raw oils 0,5 %
    raw ash 35 %
    raw fiber 1,5 %
    Football 9 %
    Phosphorus 4,5 %
    vitamin E-tocoferol acetate 4,000 mg
    vitamin C 117,000 mg
  • Cavalor Resist + Vit C 2 Kg

    CHF 169,17
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  • Devil’s Claw, Boswelia, Blackcurrant 1L

    CHF 64,06

    Artiglio contains officinal herbs, such as devil’s claw,
    boswelia, blackcurrant and ash.

    COMPOSITION: Water (Chamomile extract – Chamomilla recutita), Glycerin, dry herbal extracts ( Devil claw- Harpagophytum procumbens 3.5% Ash – Fraxinus 3.5%, Blackcurrant-Ribes Nigrum 3.5%, Boswellia – Boswellia 0.18%), Glucosamine.

    NUTRITIONAL COMPONENTS: Vitamin C 4000 mg /kg, L-Glutamine 200 000 mg /kg, L-Phenylalanine 72000
    mg / kg, Taurine 19200 mg / kg.

    TECHNOLOGICAL ADDITIVES: Preservatives, antioxidant, emulsifier

    RECOMMENDED USE: It is advised to administer 30 ml a day to a 500 kg horse. The product may have a natural sedimentation that does not affect product quality

  • Devil’s Claw, Boswelia, Blackcurrant 1L

    CHF 64,06
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    CHF 59,06

    Complementary feed suitable for horses in competitive activity

    Equisport Performance is a highly concentrated supplement of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which guarantees
    the contribution of all those elements that are fundamental for the correct maintenance of physiological functions even during
    the periods of intense work and increased stress that often
    are subjected to athletic horses. Equisport Performance ensures a balanced balance of calcium and phosphorus, which is essential for sports horses; it also contains a selection of trace elements in their chelated form, which guarantees
    the maximum assimilation of the same and a hepatoprotective action. The essential amino acids contained in Equisport
    Performance, in particular lysine, methionine and threonine, are essential for protein synthesis and therefore
    for that of all tissues, including muscle,
    but also enzymes, hormones and antibodies. In addition Equisport
    Performance contains L-carnitine, which plays a role in the
    fundamental in energy metabolism, as it is essential for the oxidation of fatty acids and their use
    for the production of energy at the muscular level, reducing
    also the formation of lactic acid. L-carnitine also
    improves the adaptive response of muscles to training,
    increases fatigue resistance and shortens recovery time. Finally, Equisport Performance also contains yeast
    that promote digestive function

    The scoop contains 180 gr of product.
    Horses in training: administer 100 – 150 gr per day
    with the normal daily ration.

    Vitamin A 41000000 IU
    Vitamin D3 50000 IU
    Vitamin E 7000 IU
    Vitamin C 1000 mg
    Niacin 600 mg
    Vitamin B2 400 mg
    Vitamin B1 250 mg
    Vitamin B6 40 mg
    Biotin 10 mg
    Zinc 5000 mg
    Iron 3500 mg
    Manganese 3200 mg
    Copper 1500 mg
    Iodine 80 mg
    Cobalt 20 mg
    Selenium 20 mg
    L-Lysine 15000 mg
    DL-Methionine 7500 mg
    L-threonine 2000 mg
    L-Tryptophan 800 mg
    L-Carnitine 5000 mg
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae 465 billion UFC

    Translated with (free version)


    CHF 59,06
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  • Equisport Senior Kg 1.5 Horse Master

    CHF 119,12

    Complementary feed indicated for older horses

    Equisport Senior helps to keep the elderly horse viable and delay the effects of aging, compensating for any nutritional deficits and providing all those essential elements to ensure vitality and general well-being, elasticity and joint flexibility and a regular functioning of vital organs. Equisport Senior contains several natural ingredients that perform many of these basic functions. Spirulina, for example,
    it is a algae rich in proteins and essential fatty acids, very important for general well-being and for the proper functioning of the immune system; Greek hay, in addition to providing appeal, improves form, increasing muscle masses and encouraging rapid weight gain in inappropriate and convalescent horses. Equisport Senior also contains a grade amount of yeasts that act by strengthening the beneficial gut flora and improving nutrient digestion.
    The devil’s claw, Salice bark and Olmaria have beneficial properties on the locomotor apparatus, increasing its flexibility and reducing pain related to degenerative processes due to aging; Artichoke, Golden Verga and Tarassaco are important detossifying for the kidney and liver.
    Vitamin B1, B6 and Agnocasto support the proper functioning of the nervous system, limiting cellular degeneration; Ginkgo Biloba and Blueberry stimulate microcirculation and help the heart muscle. Finally, Equisport Senior contains antioxidants such as vitamin E, selenium and cinnamon that prevent muscle fatigue and strengthen the immune system.

    Vitamin A 300000 UI Vitamin D3 25000 UI Vitamin E 42.5 mg Niacina 500 mg Vitamin B2 150 mg Vitamin B1 250 mg Vitamin B6 250 mg Vitamin B12 1 mg Folic Acid 125 mg Vitamin B5 750 mg
    L-lysine 10000 mg DL-Metionin 5000 mg Zinc 1500 mg Manganese 1260 mg Copper 500 mg Iron 500 mg Iodine 10 mg Cobalt 6 mg Selenio 2.5 mg
    Corn Gluten, Wheat Cruschello, Rye Cruschello, Soybeans, Sugarcane apple, yeast, magnesium oxide, Spirulina algae (Arthrospira platensis ), Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens), Greek Fieno (Trigonella foenum-graecum), Fucus (Fucus vesiculosus), Ginkgo (Ginko biloba), Carciofo (Cynaria scolymus), Ortica (Urtica dioica, L.), Gentian (Gentiana lutea L), Cardus marian (Cardus marianum

  • Equisport Senior Kg 1.5 Horse Master

    CHF 119,12
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  • Farnam Weight Builder Kg 3,264

    CHF 99,10

    Specific supplement to increase muscle mass, resistance to efforts and provide energy. It promotes weight gain.





    Traditionally horses that needed a higher caloric intake to increase their resistance to effort and improve performance, were fed high doses of cereals (concentrated feed), with the risk of incurring serious problems such as colic or diarrhoea, and in serious metabolic problems with the risk of resulting laminitis. In addition, the excessive sugar intake resulting from cereal digestion can lead to overexcitement in certain more sensitive or particularly exuberant subjects, making them difficult to manage and less concentrated during work. Researchers have recently discovered the many benefits of increasing fatty acids in the horse’s diet, particularly polyunsaturated ones such as omega 3s in the Weight Builder. In particular, it was found that omega 3s are able to cause a major increase in muscle masses by promoting the increase in shape weight; promote and improve muscle activity by preserving glycogen stocks; they provide more calories than the equivalent amount of cereals, thus reducing the volume of feed administered; they are easily metabolized and therefore do not induce digestive or metabolic problems; they do not induce hyperexcitability and do not “warm up” the horse; improve the health of the skin and coat and the general condition of the animal. The Weight Builder, thanks to its high fat content (over 40) and in particular omega 3, is therefore a highly caloric supplement able to provide “fuel” to improve the performance of the horse. In addition, thanks to the balanced presence of calcium and phosphorus, the Weight Builder is able to maintain in balance the delicate relationship between these two microelements.


    The scoop included in the package contains about 60 grams of product. Mix the product with the following daily doses:
    To increase muscle mass and bring energy: 2 scoops (120 grams about).
    To improve the state of skin and cape: 1 scoop (60 gr) . Depending on the activity of the horse and the conditions, it is possible to increase the daily dose up to 4 scoops (240 grams) per day of Weight Builder without incurring adverse reactions.


    Fatty acids w3 29,988 mg
    Calcium 7,996 mg
    Phosphorus 4,998 mg


  • Farnam Weight Builder Kg 3,264

    CHF 99,10
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  • Placeholder

    Fiocchi di Barbabietola Stiefel 1,7 Kg

    CHF 15,91
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  • Flair Equine Nasal Strips Black 6 QTY

    CHF 85,31

    FLAIR® Strips are drug-free, self-adhesive nasal strips that support horses

    nasal passages and promote optimum respiratory health of equine athletes, in all disciplines and every level of competition.

  • Flair Equine Nasal Strips Black 6 QTY

    CHF 85,31
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  • FreeBute Paste 60 g

    CHF 19,02

    Supplement for healthy muscles and better mobility
    Helps to prevent the effects of overload
    Ideal for occasional use such as for competition
    Fast-acting paste for better mobility
    Also available in powder form: FreeBute

    Cavalor FreeBute helps maintain supple muscles and joints. It provides the natural relief that horses sometimes need to enjoy free movement.

    Sport horses need to feel good for optimum performance. Cavalor FreeBute supports muscles and joints for improved mobility. Relief from pain and discomfort is the beginning of any healing and recovery process.

    However, many pain relievers contain prohibited substances or may have adverse side effects. Cavalor contains only safe, natural ingredients. It is gentle on the stomach and can provide relief in many situations.

  • FreeBute Paste 60 g

    CHF 19,02
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  • Ginger, ground 1 KG Stiefel

    CHF 21,93

    Benefits for the musculoskeletal system
    Contains valuable ingredients
    The respiratory and bronchial system is positively affected
    Natural ingredients

    Stiefel pure ginger can have positive effects on the musculoskeletal system and general well-being in the event of feed-related deficiencies.

    The traditional medical plant grows in the region from India to Malaysia and China. Ginger contains valuable ingredients such as essential oils and particularly pungent substances that have various positive effects. The pungent substances have anti-inflammatory properties and have positive effects in the event of muscular pain, joint pain and headaches. The respiratory and bronchial system is positively affected. Natural ingredients: Essential oils, zingiberene, zingiberol, gingerol, shogaol.

    Feeding recommendation:
    Horses (600 kg body weight) 20 g per day
    Small horses 10 g per day
    1 tablespoon corresponds to approx. 10 g

    Gradually increase dose. Do not feed during pregnancy. Do not continue normal feeding amount for longer than 6 weeks. Smaller doses can be fed for a longer period. Mix ginger into the feed, possibly wet slightly.

    Store the feed in a cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight. Use soon after opening. Please take note of the current anti-doping and medication control directives (ADMR) of the FM (German Riding Association).

    Product Properties : Feed
    Anti-doping: 48-hour waiting period

  • Ginger, ground 1 KG Stiefel

    CHF 21,93
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