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Arnica Gel myhorses 500 ml

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Arnica Gel myhorses

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Details about “Arnica Gel myhorses 500 ml”

Adjuvant gel in the treatment of inflammation and decongestant with a high Arnica content. Use after training to massage the horse’s limbs after exertion, strenuous exercise. Excellent as a cosmetic adjuvant for sprains, joint and muscle fatigue and tendonitis. Aids recovery time.

Instructions for use: Rub in with a light manual massage, no need to bandage. Or dissolve a spoonful in water, wet gauze cotton with the resulting solution and bandage. Leave for about 12 hours. Caution, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, rinse thoroughly with water if necessary.

Contains: 30 % Arnica Montana extract and MSM (METHYL SULFONYL METHANE).

500 g tin

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