Arthro Plus 30% Stiefel

CHF 62,34

For joints and sinews

With rampion and herbs
Balanced vitamins and trace elements
30% New Zealand green-lip mussel

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Stiefel Arthro Plus is a special mixture of New Zealand green-lip mussel powder, a herb mixture with rampion and balanced vitamins. The mixture can compensate for deficiencies that have a negative effect on joint sinews and the entire musculoskeletal system.

The power mixture for the musculoskeletal system consists of 30% New Zealand green-lip mussel powder, a herb mixture and balanced vitamins and trace elements. Arthro Plus can have analgesic effects on the musculoskeletal system and the synovial fluid. With New Zealand green-lip mussel 30%, rampion 5%, herbs, vitamins and trace elements.

Feeding recommendation:
Horses (600 kg body weight) 10 g per day
Small horses 5 g per day
for increased needs 30 g – 60 g per day
(1 heaped measuring spoon = approx. 10 g).

This feed contains more feed additives than complete feeds and is therefore restricted to a maximum of 500 g per day. Store the feed in a cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight. Use soon after opening. Store out of reach of children. Please take note of the current anti-doping and medication control directives (ADMR) of the FM (German Riding Association). This product does not need to be labelled according to GMO regulations.

Product Properties : Food supplements
Anti-doping: 72-hour waiting period
30% Green-lipped mussel powder13% Wheat11% Wheat feed6,5% Maize 5% Rampion 5,1% Horsetail3,75% Rosehip peels 2% Soy oil1% Dextrose4,65% Goldenrod1,5% Willow bark
Analytical components
Crude protein 21 %
Crude fibre 4 %
Crude oils and fats 7 %
Crude ash 8,2 %
Nutritional Additives
Ingredients per kg
Vitamin A 100.000 UI
Vitamin D3 10.000 UI
Vitamin E 500 mg
Nicotinic acid 6.000 mg
Choline as choline chloride 10.000 mg
Iron as ferrous sulfate monohydrate E1 3.000 mg
Zinc as zinc oxide, monohydrate 3.000 mg
DL-methionine 10.000 mg