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Cavalor Electrolyte Balance 5kg

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Very palatable mixture of electrolytes and vitamins for rapid assimilation in powder.

Before and after sweating: ponies and horses 30 ml – sport horses 50 ml.

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CAVALOR® ELECTROLIQ BALANCE – Line Supplements for Sport Horses

Indication for use

When horses sweat, they can lose many electrolytes and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body. As sweat in the horse is hypertonic, the exhaustion of electrolytes and water are the main causes of fatigue in endurance events. As a result of electrolyte exhaustion the horse may show a diminished condition and a loss of performance. The recovery of the mineral / electrolyte / vital natural balance takes time and if the lack of electrolytes due to heavy sweats is considerable, the loss must be compensated. Cavalor Electrolyte Balance When using after a situation that involves the loss of electrolytes and minerals through perspiration (heat, transport, effort) the horse will stay in shape for a longer period, it will recover faster and more easily enduring longer training periods intensive, competitions and transportation.

Cavalor Electrolyte Balance is food nutrition that complements these shortcomings. It contains a number of essential electrolytes (including sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium), as well as some important B vitamins. It also includes essential amino acids and sugars (dextrose), which provide energy and promote electrolyte absorption.

Mode of use:

Before and after sweating: ponies and horses 30 ml – sport horses 50 ml.

Frequent questions:
Is there a difference between powdered and liquid electrolytes?
No, but the liquid form is often more practical and pleasing to users.
Why should I choose specific electrolytes instead of a normal block of salt?
A balanced mixture of electrolytes contains a specific quantity of nutrients and electrolytes that compensate for the loss of the same due to hard work. A normal block of salt can only replenish sodium and chlorine.
Should I administer electrolytes before or after the exercises?
Unlike many nutrients, there are no stocks of water and electrolytes in the body except those present in the gastrointestinal tract. The surpluses are expelled through the urine. The electrolytes must be given after work and, however, deficiencies can be prevented by administering the electrolytes after the horse has sweated, as these are lost during and after physical exercises. Giving electrolytes a few hours before the activity can be beneficial but there are no advantages in administering electrolytes a few days before training and competitions.
Are there risks of overdose using Cavalor An Energy Booster and Cavalor Electrolyte Balance or Cavalor Electroliq Balance together?
You can safely use Cavalor An Energy Boost and Cavalor Electrolyte Balance together. The body cannot store electrolytes and excess amounts are expelled through the urine. Always ensure that the horse has access to fresh water whenever electrolytes are administered. Excessive dosage is not recommended as it may affect some metabolic functions.