Cavalor Hoof Aid 800g

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The substances used together with a high dose of biotin improve the quality and growth of the hooves.

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Ponies and sports horses: 25 g per day.

Frequently asked questions

Can I give biotin to improve the quality of the hoof?

Biotin is an important ingredient to improve regrowth and quality of the hoof. There are however other important nutrients to optimize growth and quality, such as metionin, copper, sulfur, calcium and vitamin Aof Aid Special provides a complete mix of ingredients to achieve growth and hoof quality.

What is the difference between Cavalor Hoof Aid and Cavalor Hoof Aid Special?

In case of serious problems with the quality of the hooves we recommend Cavalor Hoof Aid Special. Cavalor Hoof Aid can be used to keep the hooves in good condition.

Why is there more biotin in Hoof Aid than the Hoof Aid Special?

The daily assimilated biotin is the same. The dosage of Cavalor Hoof Aid is 30 grams/day (the biotin concentration is higher), the Cavalor Hoof Aid Special is 135 gr/day.