Cavalor Lurax 200ml

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Scarring ointment particularly suitable for excoriation and skin irritation.


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Apply directly to the affected part. Store in a cool place.

Ointment for the skin


Lanolin, zinc oxide, Cod Liver Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Aetheroleum, Boswellia Serrata,Tea Tree oil, Palma Rosa, Paraffinum Liquidum, White Vaseline, Ethanol, Nipasol,.

Usage and doses:

This ointment was developed to cure the skin of horses. The use of Cavalor Lurax is very recommended in places where the skin is irritated, for example due to rubbing with the saddle, or with gaiters. Cavalor Lurax has a regenerative and softening effect.


Can I apply Cavalor Lurax on an open excoriation?

Research shows that Cavalor Lurax can relieve pain caused by small wounds, stimulate healing and limit scars.

Can I apply Cavalor Lurax on the sunburnt nose?

Yes. If your horse has scalded its nose due to the sun, it definitely helps to apply a layer of Cavalor Lurax.

Does Cavalor Lurax help heal from excoriation and small wounds?

Yes, it helps to heal from small wounds.