Cavalor Mash & Mix 1.5 kg

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Easily digestible after an effort

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After great efforts, a horse prefers, instead of very concentrated foods, an easy meal to digest:

Composed especially of natural and easily digestible raw materials that stimulate digestion. Cavalor® Mash & Mix contains only extruded ingredients (mainly wheat, bran and flaxseeds), tasty plants and legumes, which stimulate the digestive system and free the airways.

After an intense effort your horse, thanks to Cavalor® Mash & Mix, absorbs enough water and electrolytes in its digestive system (which allows it better recovery after effort).

Cavalor® Mash & Mix, equipped with the concept MEGA ELECTROLYTE, is therefore a targeted reward after a great effort. Cavalor® Mash & Mix is also highly appreciated during cold winter days as an easy-to-digest energy support (with the addition of hot water as a “pastone”).

Amount per animal, per day, per 100 kg of live weight, in addition to enough fodder (hay and straw):

  • MAINTENANCE: max 300g