Cavalor Muscle Fit 900gr

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It optimizes the tone and elasticity of the muscles before and after intense activity.

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Cavalor Muscle Fit 900gr

After 2 days of administration you may notice the difference in horses that tend to have muscle stiffening.


Cavalor MUSCLE FIT is the most cutting-edge supplement for muscle problems on the market today.
Cavalor MUSCLE FIT has been formulated to prevent horse muscle problems such as: efforts, myopathies, tying-up syndrome, inflammation, myositis and stiffness. Older horses and Work horses fed a high-sugar ration frequently present these problems. The administration of Cavalor MUSCLE FIT a few days before an intense effort allows you to achieve better muscle action.


Vitamin E2: improves the resistance of cells to oxygen deficiency that follows very often after a muscle action.
Vitamin C: is an important natural antioxidant that prevents the oxidation (destruction) of muscle cells., the vitamin C used in this preparation is associated with a mineral complex that makes it more stable is more bioavailable and that makes them inoffensive to digestive tract (then neutral pH)
Vitamin B1: performs an important action in the metabolism of carbohydrates: an excess of carbohydrates causes the production of lactic acids and therefore muscle problems.
Selenium: associated with vitamin E performs a protective action against those muscle damagethat manifests itself with stiffness or flaccidity.
Bicarbonate of soda: prevents the formation of lactic acid causes of point muscle stiffness.
MSM: Sulfur is important for muscles, joints, cartilage, bones and blood – MSM is the biological source of sulfur from which sulfur is most readily available.
Whey protein powder: they are proteins isolated from the colostrum that contain a precursor to glutatione. Glutation e is a very strong antioxidant that in its purest form cannot be absorbed by the body. Using glutasine stimulates the production of glutation in the body. The intense work results in a high production of lactic acid and a reduction in ATP which causes an increase in free radicals in muscle that destroy cells and muscle tissue. Glutation in association with other antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and bioflavonoids neutralizes these free radicals.
Magnesium: Important to ensure good muscle tissue function, a magnesium deficiency can result in muscle cramps.
Manganese chelate: manganese plays an important role in the coordination of movements and in the response of the muscle to the nervous stimulus. In this chelated form manganese has optimal absorption.
Zinc chelato: is a cofactor of lactic acid of hydrogenase that stimulates the destruction of lactic acid.
Vitamin B15: Prevents the formation of lactic acid.
Sodium Tripoliphosphate: creates a buffer effect to protect muscle cells from lactic acid from lactic acid
DMG: neutralizes the negative effects of lactic acid with a buffer effect.
Bioflavonoids (vitamin P): improve the antioxidant function of vitamin C is vitamin E by dwelling the transport of nutrients to the muscle and the removal from it of free radicals.
Lysine and metionin: they are essential amino acids that are necessary for muscle cell formation.


30 g a day. In case of serious acid problems give for 4 weeks, then 2 days before, during and one day after the competition.

Frequently asked questions:
Cavalor OilMega can replace products such as Resist-vit. C or Cavalor Muscle FIT?
No, they are products that act at different levels. Cavalor OilMega provides energy and influences immune defenses through fatty acids. NAB helps microflora fight pathogens. Cavalor Resist – Vit. C provides the nutrients needed to boost antioxidants and improve immune status, so as to help the horse protect itself from environmental factors that may be adverseto health (e.g. long transport). Cavalor Muscle Fit provides nutrients that support muscle health and prevent muscle fatigue. Horses with muscle problems can benefit from the combined use of Muscle Fit and Cavalor OilMega.

How long does it take to see the effects of Cavalor Muscle Fit?
A rider should be able to feel the difference in a few days.


Barbara Minneci, member since 2012 of the Belgian Paralympic team for the Olympics.

I was asked, as I prepared for the Olympic Games, to provide detailed information about my female, Barilla, including her diet and specific problems.
Cavalor also asked me to do blood tests so that I could have a complete picture on which to base a bespoke diet.

The mare has a very developed muscle mass and metabolic problems that make her hypersensitive to a diet too rich in sugars and proteins, however if during intense activity, her age is deficient, muscle problems do not take long to arrive, so it is finding other energy!

Cavalor then advised me to use Cavalor Oil mega and Cavalor Muscle fit.
Oil mega increased the fat intake in the diet without making my mare nervous!!
Muscle fit instead, after only a few days made Barilla much looser and the muscles were less suffering, even after intense training sessions.
Cavalor gave me everything I needed and some valuable tips to get to the top of form at the Olympics!!!

In fact, when I arrived in London, Barilla was in perfect condition and, although the vet was always on the alert for muscle deficiencies, my mare remained extremely loose and available during all the races.
Cavalor has been a key partner and the results of the Belgian team in London confirm this!