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Cavalor Muscooler 500 ml

CHF 26,00

Refreshes and relieves tired tendons.

Spread a thin layer of gel on the legs. It can also be used with bandages.

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Details about “Cavalor Muscooler 500 ml”

CAVALOR® MUSCOOLER – Line Supplements for Sport Horses

The cooling gel relaxes and cools the tendons after strenuous exercise

Indication for use

Cavalor Muscooler is used to cool tendons after intensive work. Cavalor Muscooler relaxes tense muscles, tendons and joints after exertion, thus bringing relief. The application of the gel reduces muscle stiffness. Cooling the horse’s legs after work is a standard practice among professional riders.

Cavalor Muscooler can be used:

– After training

– During iconcorsi

– During transport

Product composition, application and safety

Cavalor Muscooler is intended for horses. Cavalor Muscooler is a cooling gel based on natural products with added plant extracts that have a stimulating effect on circulation. Does not contain camphor and contains no ingred

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CHF 26,00


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