Cavalor Podoguard 500 ml

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Cavalor PodoGuard can be used in case of damaged, sensitive and/or fragile hooves.

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It improves the quality of hooves and promotes their growth. By creating an optimal water balance, Cavalor PodoGuard allows the natural restoration of damaged hooves. The presence of a specific essential oil ensures a bacteriostatic action.

Daily: It is important to apply Cavalor PodoGuard several times a week outside of clean and moistened hooves using a brush.

Cavalor PodoGuard combines two oils: a nutritious oil, with active ingredients that are absorbed deep into the hoof and a unique essential oil for optimal growth, development and quality.

Essential oil also helps to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which results in a healthier hoof.

Cavalor PodoGuard creates an ideal moisture content, which helps to recover broken or damaged hooves while growing a new and healthy hoof.