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Cavalor Strucomix Original 20 Kg

CHF 26,00

Food rich in fiber and invigorating herbs, without oats. Complete food that contains all the natural raw materials that are found in the pasture.

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Details about “Cavalor Strucomix Original 20 Kg”

Cavalor® Strucomix Sensitive is a perfectly balanced food for delicate horses.

It contains a mixture of medicinal herbs, based on nettles, ginger and mammoth violets, which promotes the detoxification of the organism, that is, the purification and restoration of the natural balance. This purification process has a beneficial effect on the epidermis and promotes digestion. In addition, thanks to the reduced protein content, this food improves the functionality of the liver and fights excessive sweating and heat loss.

Cavalor® Strucomix Sensitive is rich in fat and natural fiber. This combination allows the slow and healthy consumption of energy without requiring the integration of other grains.

Cavalor® Strucomix Sensitive should be supplemented with dry hay with long stems. Integration with silage or soft grass is contraindicated.

Amount per animal, per day, per 100 kg of live weight, in addition to enough fodder (hay and straw)

  • HOW TO SUPPLEMENT: max 350 g

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CHF 26,00

Available on backorder


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