Cavalor Strucomix Senior 20 kg

CHF 32,00

Special food (rich in fiber) for horses in old age.

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Cavalor® Strucomix Senior contains the FIBER PLUS, a source of cellulose that is easy to digest and already meets some of the horse’s needs.

All this is important to ensure the smooth functioning of the digestive system. The high content in vitamins, minerals and trace elements compensates for a lower amount of food ingested. AIR FORCE indicates the addition of garlic extracts and herbs that improve blood circulation and ensure good cardiac support. The high content in copper, zinc and manganese produces maximum protection for the joints, tendons and the skeleton as a whole.

Older horses have a less efficient digestive mechanism and often their teeth are ruined due to age and do not work well. For these reasons, their diet needs to be changed. Cavalor® Strucomix Senior meets all these specific needs: this food is mainly composed of extruded cereals, which are much more digestible; high-quality plant proteins that are easily digestible and rapidly assimilated.