Cavalor Superforce 20 Kg

CHF 35,00

Pure power. Sports horses subjected to very intense and short-lived efforts.

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High-quality food for sports horses subjected to very intense and short-lived efforts (performance scores in a very short time) such as jumping, cutting, running short distances, etc…

In the case of intense and short efforts (anaerobic, that is, that do not require the presence of oxygen to produce energy), the horse’s body mainly uses the sugars it derives from the cereals contained in this food (oats, barley, wheat, corn, etc.).

Is it possible to derive a large amount of energy from an equally large amount of cereals? №! It is advisable not to overdo it with the administration of cereals, as it risks producing a large amount of lactic acid that causes muscle and digestive problems.

Cavalor Superforce prevents the formation of acidity in the intestine. In addition to a choice of cereals exclusively of high energy quality.