Liver Herbal Juice Stiefel 1 L

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To support the liver function

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With bitter substances and tannins
Contains milk thistle seeds

Stiefel Liver Herbal Juice – an unadulterated herbal juice without artificial flavors. Made of a
specially selected herbal mixture can contribute to supporting the liver function in a natural way and actively promote the regeneration of liver cells.

The selected herbs, which the juice is made off, contain generous doses of bitter and tanning
compounds that can stimulate the liver and thus have a positive effect on the excretion of the
body. The liver is a detoxification organ and also provides very important functions within the
metabolic system. It is therefore often under severe stress, caused by external factors and feeds.

Feeding Stiefel Liver Herbal Juice can support the liver. Our milk thistle seeds are further
characterised by their high content of silymarin complex (more than 3%). This complex can
absorb free radicals that are created during liver detoxification. It can also support the
regeneration of liver tissue. The liquid dosage form allows a high bioavailability.