Farnam Fluid Flex 950ml

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Complementary horse feed indicated for the well-being of the locomotor apparatus.

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Farnam Fluid Flex

Complementary feed indicated for horses with joint problems


Glucosamine HCl (from molluscs – crustaceans) 84,535 mg
Bromelain 8,453 mg
Yucca Schidigera 8,453 mg
Condroitin Sulfate (from shark cartilage) 3,381 mg
Collagen (derived from peptides) 2,874 mg
Natural citrus bioflavonoids 338 mg
Grape seed extract 338 mg
Copper 338 mg
Zinc 1,352 mg
Manganese 1,014 mg


For the first 5 days, give 60ml per day (attack dose) and then move to 30ml per day (maintenance dose). These doses are recommended for a horse of about 500 kg of weight.


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