Farnam Vetrolin Slick ‘n’ Easy

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Mineral brush for cleaning the coat very light and practical to use.

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The horse must be subjected daily to a series of hygiene practices that go by the name of government and that are indispensable to keep the horse in good health. In particular, daily care and cleaning allow to control the skin and mantle thus reducing the possibility of diseases and the presence of parasites.
To implement these cleaning practices the brush is definitely one of the indispensable tools, as it allows to remove dirt and dead hair. The work with the brush also has the task of operating a toned massage action on the body of the animal, acting beneficially on the muscles and circulation, this is important especially after work to relax the muscles of the animal and reduce fatigue. Slick’n Easy is a very light and practical brush to use. The use of Slick’n Easy allows you to completely remove dead hairs along with dust and dirt leaving the coat smooth and shiny.


Use the Slick’n Easy brush from one of the two long sides. For best results, exercise short and rapid movements in the direction of the hair. After using it several times, the brusca Slick’n Easy will become rounded, to return the square shape again, pass the long side on an abrasive surface.