Farnam White ‘n Brite Shampoo 946 ml

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Shampo for white and grey horses.

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Each rider is known how difficult it is to achieve good results in cleaning clear horses, which can be appreciated especially in anticipation of competitions or horse races as well as in the routine work in the stables.
Vetrolin White’N Brite™ Shampoo is a product designed specifically for cleaning horses with a white or light coat, on which even the smallest imperfection stands out.
Its particular composition includes clearing agents useful to return whiteness to even the most delicate men.
The product also contains coconut oil and its derivatives, useful to increase the absorption of lightening agents as well as to hydrate hairs and hairs.
Despite its vigorous cleaning action, it leaves the mantle particularly soft.
Diluted in both hot and cold water easily removes the worst patches of manure and urine, usually found on the hips, buttocks and tail of the horse.
The product can also be advantageously used to improve the brilliance and reflections of dark-coated horses (bay, sauro and blackberry), in fact it contains substances capable of accentuating the reflections emitted by hairs and hairs.


Lightening agents are used to whiten hairs and light hairs, removing the most stubborn yellow spots. They are also useful for increasing the shine of colored cloaks.
Coconut oil, rich in saturated and unsaturated essential fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acid, promotes the absorption of the same lightening agents and contemporaryhysdored skin and coat leaving them particularly fluffy.