Farnam Vetrolin Body Wash 946 ml

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Concentrated shampoo with built-in dispenser for quick application

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Vetrolin Body Wash is a concentrated moisturising shampoo, which contains tensioactive with special formula that remove dirt, skin scales and dandruff. Also crucial is the presence of conditioning agents, enriched with proteins and the PABA protective solar filter, useful to avoid the discoloration of the mantle caused by the sun and environmental pollutants.
The vetrolin Body Wash package features the new, easy-to-use spray applicator, which allows you to practice shampoo on the horse without having to rub with brushes and sponges. The special dispenser/mixer allows you to apply the shampoo directly and rinse in a very short time without any waste of product.


The tensioactives make the product moisturizing but at the same time active in gently removing dirt, skin scales and dandruff of the horse’s coat.
The conditioning agents repair the split ends and give brilliance to the mantle.
PABA or Para-AminoBenzoic acid is not a vitamin of the B complex, but is closely linked to this vitamin complex. Studies show that PABA plays an important role in maintaining skin health and hair pigmentation. PABA is also known for its exceptional ability to filter the sun’s rays, which leads it to be an important component of many cosmetic products.


Connect the dispenser to a garden water cane. Detach the safety tab, turn the dispenser into the “WASH” position and open the water. The shampoo will come out already mixed with water producing a generous foam. Sprinkle the entire coat and leave the product to act for about 3 minutes. Turn the dispenser in the “RINSE” position (rinse) and rinse thoroughly.