Horse Master Lami Stop 500ml

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Complementary feed for horses with laminite problems

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Laminitis or podoflemmatitis can affect any horse and any limb and consists of a degeneration, necrosis and inflammation of the dermal and epidermal foils of the hoof, with the appearance of severe pain. The causes can be vascular, toxic-metabolic and traumatic. One of the main mechanisms that trigger the onset of laminitia is the alteration of the vascularization of dermatic foils through the closure of the arterials that nourish them and the consequent ischemia and necrosis. The plants contained in Lami Stop act at different levels in order to ensure maximum protection against this pathology. For example the Ginkgo biloba is known for its ability to increase blood flow and thus improve circulation; Thistle is useful in the course of liver diseases as well as being a hepatoprotector (the liver is responsible for the metabolization of toxic compounds that are among the main causes of the onset of laminite); Anise is a natural diuretic, important for the elimination of toxins, as well as having analgesic action and help prevent the onset of onicomicosis (fungal foot infections). Stop lami can be used both for preventive purposes, in horses predisposed to the onset of laminites (for example in subjects fed large quantities of cereals), and in individuals suffering from laminite, to promote the elimination of toxins.


Maintenance (prevention): 25 ml per day with food (15 ml for ponies) for one week a month. Treatment (active syndrome): 50ml a day with food (40ml for ponies) for a week or more if needed.


LT Ginkgo extract
Ginkgo biloba Anise extract
Pimpinella anisum extract by Thistle Mariano
Marian Carduus
DL-Metionin 35000 mg
Choline 17500 mg
Betaine 12500 mg
Vitamin B12 100 mg
Zinc 2800 mg
Manganese 1400 mg
Iron 961


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