Cavalor Pianissimo 20 kg

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For nervous horses (“hot”) and horses with character difficulties.

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Cavalor® Pianissimo has been designed specifically for horses that are very sensitive to stress who have character difficulties in work. Cavalor® Pianissimo contains herbs and other elements that reduce this hypersensitivity. This food contains all the nutrients for the balanced and complete diet of a racehorse. Also recommended for horses that are resting or who have to observe a period of relaxation. In order not to provide too much energy to these horses, it is generally given less concentrated food and more natural fodder.

This, however, leads to a dietary imbalance (nutritional deficiency) that risks, in the long term, causing other problems for horses. Cavalor® Pianissimo has a low protein content: 7.75 MADC, this allows you to use it safely as a protein-rich natural forage supplement (such as spring hay). In fact, too much protein can cause stress to horses. Piano is suitable for horses in the “post-training” phase, at the end of the racing season, for horses at temporary rest (convalescent) and of course for horses sensitive to excesses of protein.

Cavalor® Pianissimo is also enriched with OMEGA 3 PLUS which support the good general condition of the horse. FLORASTIMUL ensures effective assimilation of all nutrients and ensures optimal digestion.

Amount per animal, per day, per 100 kg of live weight, in addition to enough fodder (hay and straw):

  • MAINTENANCE: max 400g
  • LIGHT WORK: Max 500g
  • INTENSE WORK: max 650g