Cavalor Ice Clay 4 kg

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Mineral-enriched natural clay that offers relaxation to tired legs.

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CAVALOR® ICE CLAY – Premium Line

CAVALOR Ice Clay is a poultice enriched with natural products, essential oils and minerals. The essential oils in Cavalor Ice Clay seem to have calming and analgesic properties. These activities could help reduce swelling. Cavalor Ice Clay slowly cools the stressed tendons.

Indication for use

Fast cooling: Apply Cavalor Ice Clay in a thick layer on the affected leg. Let Cavalor Ice Clay dry completely. It can be removed using a hard brush. The legs should be sprayed with cold water until Cavalor Ice Clay is completely removed.

Slow slowdown: Apply Cavalor Ice Clay to the tendon and put a wet paper around the Cavalor Ice Clay layer. Wrap bandages around the paper. Slow cooling produces a warming effect – the so-called hot and humid compression effect.


Do not use on infected or open wounds.