Officinalis Mash Treat Linen Seeds Apples Melissa 3 kg

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Pre-cooked pasto ready to mix with warm water. No use of chemicals.

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Pre-cooked mash ready to be mixed with warm water (1 kg of pastel plus 1 l of water). It contains steamed flaxseeds, puffed pre-cooked cereals, and lemon balm that we grow in Val Liona – Italy without any use of chemicals. Natural and appetizing, it releases its particular scent. Mixed in warm water, it forms the beneficial linen mucilage. Pre-cooked cereals and fruit hydrate, becoming a delicious and beneficial meal. (If mixed with hot water, let it rest for 5 -10 min).

COMPOSITION: Wheat Bran flour, barley flakes, Puffed wheat, pre-cooked Linen flour (10), Puffed corn, sliced apple (1.5), Melissa leaves (0.1), Papaya in small pieces (0.1)

ANALYTIC COMPONENTS: Humidity 11.01 – Raw protein 13.18 – Oils and raw fats 7.05 – Raw fiber 8.22 – Raw ash 4.75.

PREPARATION: prepare in a bowl 1 or 1/2 kg of crayon and add 1 or 2 liters of very hot water depending on whether you want to get a more consistent or softer crayon. Leave to rest for 5 minutes and give to the horse, not too hot.