Farnam Quietex paste 12ml

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Ignatia Amara-based calming action supplement


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Formulated only with natural ingredients.

Quietex is a product based on plant extracts that allows you to overcome, in a natural way, all the stress situations to which the horse is subjected.
Quietex is therefore particularly suitable for the management of nervous subjects in the imminence of competitive activities, transport, ironing practices or veterinary visits.
In particular, the transport of horses must respond to the needs of well-being, speed and safety, since the trip is still a stressful factor for the horse, which could also affect the outcome of the subsequent competitive performance. . It is therefore essential to ensure that the horse is transported in the best possible condition.
The particular sensitivity of some subjects to be transported sometimes leads to the use of so-called ‘chemical constrictors’ whose administration should always be carried out under veterinary control.
Quietex is a viable alternative to the use of drugs that could depress certain structures of the nervous system, altering the psycho-physical balance of the horse.
Quietex does not cause sensor alterations, leaving the horse alert and responsive, while also avoiding excessive reactions to noise and moving objects.
Quietex allows the treated subjects to face the competitions in the best conditions, so that they can best express their performance.
Due to its natural composition, the administration of Quietex can also be safely administered by transport personnel.
Quietex is available in oral dough, in very practical single-dose syringes for quick administration, or powder whose use is particularly cheap.


Quietex oral paste: give, in the oral cord, 1 syringe two hours before competition or transport. If the journey is extended, give a second syringe after eight hours.

Quietex Powder: mix to the diet 1 scoop per day (30 grams), without taking into account the weight of the subject.


Ignatia bitter 8X HPUS 0.042 , Valerian Officinalis 8X HPUS 0.042.