Horse Health Products Red Cell liquid 946 ml

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Complementary feed indicated for horses that need to increase energy capacity.


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Mineral-vitamin supplement for the sports horse, formulated for the renewal of red blood cells.

Supplement to increase energy capacity and resistance to efforts ,Red Cell Liquid is a high-concentration homogenized vitamin-mineral supplement of all key constituents for the synthesis of blood red blood cells, including the role main is carried out by Iron. In fact, Iron, together with Copper, Cobalt and B Vitamins, are crucial for the renewal of red blood cells and the maintenance of cellular and muscle oxygenation.

These constituents may be missing or insufficient in the normal diet of the horse. It follows that a proper food programme, designed according to the age of the subject and the type of activity carried out, can not ignore the integration of the diet with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Red Cell Liquid performs precisely this specific function to provide the correct intake of vitamins, trace elements and minerals to be added to the daily maintenance diet.