Farnam Super 14 2.95 kg

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Specific supplement for the skin and coat.

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Based on omega 3, vitamin A, E, B6, zinc and methionine. It helps to solve the skin inflammatory processes: alopecia, redness, itching, flaking.


Super 14 is a specific product to prevent and resolve skinnee alterations of various origins.
The presence of unsaturated fatty acids in high concentration, together with Vitamins A, E, B6, zinc and methninin, compensates for any deficient states due to dietary imbalances and to help solve inflammatory skin processes, characterized by alopecia, redness, itching and flaking.
It is therefore essential to emphasize the role of the zincometionin complex, which promotes regenerative, restorative and scarring processes, especially at the expense of tissues and surface mucous.
Unsaturated fatty acids, contained in The Super 14, are also an energy source for muscles, which become more resistant to strain and fatigue. During muscle work, in fact, the contribution of glucose becomes greater with the increase in the intensity of the work itself, until it becomes the main substrate. In the horse it is possible that, during heavy work, the FFA could contribute more than 15 to the production of energy.
Super 14 is therefore a viable substrate alternative for the aerobic genesis of ATP and also by increasing the concentration of unsaturated fatty acids in the circulatory stream, it promotes an extension of muscle effort with glycogen savings and lengthening of the onset of “muscle fatigue”.


A scoop, included in the package, contains about 10 grams of product.
Mix in the food 2-3 scoops (20-30g) twice a day, morning and evening.