Officinalis Super Garlic 3 KG

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Dietary supplement based on dehydrated garlic, brewer’s yeast, trigonella and basil.

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Officinalis Super Garlic 3 KG

Nutritional Information
Dehydrated garlic: Top-quality garlic cut into slices and dehydrated (with very low water, 50%, 60% duct-centered garlic bulb). Rich in Allina, it has properties known for many centuries to give the skin a unpleasant smell to flying insects. Used since antiquity as a natural unreminent for horses.
Beer yeast: Known for being a food that helps the digestive system. It contains many B vitamins, which in addition to the known health benefits, give the skin an unwelcome smell to insects.
Trigonella: Used for many centuries in the temperate regions of Europe, Southern Italy, Greece, as a natural disreminant for horses. It has effect of making the horse’s skin slightly odorous, not liked by flying insects.

7 benefits of garlic for your horse

Garlic as a dietary supplement has exceptional characteristics. Thanks to its properties it has a complete action on the horse:

  • It promotes a detoxifying action (it helps the entire digestive process, stimulating appetite, salivation the secretion of gastric juices and intestinal peristalsi)
  • It helps blood circulation (blood has greater fluidity, so that internal organs, muscle system, joints, hooves and skin are better supplied with blood)
  • Increases lung capacity
  • It’s a good help against colds
  • It protects against intestinal infections (The distinct cleansing effect in the intestinal tract and blood extends to harmful bacteria, fungi and worms, but also to fodder substances from digestion and metabolism)
  • It is an adjuvant against vermin and tail itching.
  • Improves the resistance and situation of the hair (garlic contains, in addition to vitamin C, a high amount of components that support the nourishment of hair, mantle and hoof)