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Practical support for a 650g Likit block. No block included!

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Switzerland: 24/48h
Abroad: 48/72h

In stock

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Details about “LIKIT SUPPORT”


Practical support for a 650g Likit block. Supplied without block to lick!

The main ingredient of Likit licking blocks is the natural glucose molasses enriched with vitamins. The plastic elements are made from materials of impeccable quality and European origin.
Production is subject to strict controls to ensure high quality standards at all time.
Your horse will be continuously busy with a fun and playful activity, useful for the prevention of behavioral disorders and restlessness in the box and paddock.
Likit products are also recommended by renowned specialists in the field of behavioural research on horses at the universities of Cornell (USA) and Bristol (England).
Give your horse the fun it deserves – even in your absence!

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