Farnam Thrusch Treatment Aid

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Liquid for the treatment of rotting the slice.

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Copper Naftenato 375 m.


Horseshoer’s Secret Thrush Treatment Aid is useful for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections, known as horse “Thrush” or rotting the slice, due to anaerobic bacterial organisms, sensitive to Naftenato Copper. Characterized by the emission of a thick, dark and repulsive mucus, the Thrush or rotting of the slice affects the lower part of the horse’s foot, the sole and mainly the slice and is caused by pathogens present in the soil, which increase in higher humidity conditions. So it is essential to prevent environmental predisposing factors, always keeping the stable clean and dry. Instead in the presence of the pathology it is necessary to clean the affected area and apply a product that resets the pathogenic power of bacteria and that disinfects the wound, just as horseshoer’s Secret Thrush Treatment Aid is able to do.


Clean the hoof completely by removing debris and necrotic material before applying the product. A small brush can be used to ensure a careful distribution of the product. Apply the product daily as long as necessary.


1. Unscrew the cap. 2. Make a small hole in the metal seal. 3. Rescrew the tight cap. 4. Remove the transparent cap cover. 5. Pull up the top of the cap. 6. Turn the package and press lightly to drain a small amount of the product. 7. Close well after use.


Horseshoer’s Secret Thrush Treatment Aid is easily removed from hands, clothing and surfaces with a lightweight fuel oil or any kind of lighter fluid. 207 ml.