Verm-X Original 100 natural 100g

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100 natural chewing snacks for Verm-X dogs, free of chemical additives, counteracts intestinal parasites and promotes the health of the intestinal tract, with selected and prebiotic herbs.

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Made with 100 natural active ingredients, the Verm-X® Original range can be powered year-round. Use for daily control and protection of intestinal hygiene. It is suitable for all shapes and sizes, from pets with sensitive stomachs, pure breeds and high-performance animals.

Power Guide

25 kg – 6 per day
11-25 kg – 4 per day
5-10 kg – 2 per day

Puppies should be fed half the adult amount between three and six months and the full amount afterwards. For continuous effectiveness, feed daily. When you introduce Verm-X, or when necessary, twice the amount can be safely powered for 14 days. Before introducing any new product, you must have a fecal egg count (FEC), so that you have a record of your starting point. Since their effect is cumulative, use the daily crisps for at least 3 weeks before performing a FEC follow-up. We recommend that all dogs regularly count fecal eggs (at least twice a year) to avoid unnecessary control programs.

120 g will last a small dog size 1 month.


Wholegrain rice, dried poultry, beetroot pulp, poultry fat, Verm-X (cinnamon, garlic, thyme, peppermint, fennel, cleavers, nettles, slippery elm, quassia, cayenne), potatoes, potato starch, brewer’s yeast, chicken broth, dried Seaweed, salmon oil, vitamins and minerals, prebiotics FOS, MOS, green tea. Analysis: Protein 22, Oil 12, Ashes 6, Fibers 3