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Weight Builder

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Traditionally, horses that needed more
calorie intake to increase your stamina
efforts and improve performance, were fed
high doses of cereals (concentrated feed), with the
risk of incurring serious digestive problems, such as
colic or diarrhea, and in serious metabolic problems
with the risk of resulting laminitis. In addition, the excessive
sugar intake from cereal digestion
can lead to hyper-excitement in certain subjects
sensitive or particularly exuberant, making them difficult
manageable and less concentrated during work.
Researchers have recently discovered the multiple
benefits resulting from the increase in fatty acids in the diet
horse, especially polyunsaturated ones such as
omega 3 in the Weight Builder. In particular, it was found
omega 3s can determine a
significant increase in muscle masses by favouring
weight gain form; promote and improve

muscle activity while preserving glycogen stocks;
they provide more calories than the equivalent amount of cereal,
thus allowing to reduce the volume of feed administered;
are easily metabolized and that’s why
they do not induce digestive or metabolic problems; don’t induce
hyperexcitability and do not “warm up” the horse; Improve
skin and cape health and general condition
animal. The Weight Builder, thanks to its high content
fats (over 40) and in particular omega 3, represents
so a high-calorie supplement that can
to provide “fuel” to improve the performance of the
Horse. In addition, thanks to the balanced presence of football and
weight builder is able to keep balance
the delicate relationship between these two microelements.
The scoop included in the package contains about 60
grams of product. Mix the product with the food
to the following daily doses:
Muscle Mass and Make Energy: 2 Scoops (120
gr about) . To improve the state of the skin and cape:
1 scoop (60 grams) . Based on the horse’s activity and
conditions, you can increase your daily dose
4 scoops (240 grams) per day of Weight Builder without
adverse reactions.
Specific supplement to increase
muscle mass, resistance to efforts
and provide power.
Cod. 13701 – 3,624 kg

Fatty acids w3 29,988 mg
Calcium 7,996 mg
Phosphorus 4,998 mg


Specific supplement to increase
muscle mass, resistance to efforts
and provide power.