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Zinc Waldhausen 900 g

CHF 22,80

For a strong immune system.

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Switzerland: 24/48h
Abroad: 48/72h

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Details about “Zinc Waldhausen 900 g”

Waldhausen zinc has a beneficial effect on the immune system, skin and hoof. Zinc promotes cell growth, promoting their ability to renew. The regeneration of injured tissues is stimulated. Attention span is positively affected. Dust

Composition: glucose 92, sodium chloride 1

Analytical components:raw protein 0.00 , raw cellulose 0.00 , oils and raw fats 0.00 , raw ash 4.00

Food additives per kg: Physiological-nutritional additives: Zinc (hydrate glycine zinc chelate E6) 20 000mg, iron (iron glycine hydrate glycine chelate E1) 5 000mg, manganese (oxidized glycine manganese chelate E5) 3900 mg, copper (chelated glycine irate glycine copper E4) 2000mg, 2000mg
selenium (sodium selenito E8) 45mg organic form of selenium produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 (3b 8.10) 5mg

Administration instructions:
Horses (600 kg body weight): 25 g/day
Small horses: 12g/day

(1 full scoop is about 25 g)

This feed should be given up to a maximum of 100g/d due to its vitamin content and increased trace elements

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CHF 22,80

In stock


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