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  • Activa 6L Officinalis 1 Kg

    CHF 49,95

    Complementary feed for horses with medicinal
    plants that aid digestion and reduce meteorism

    It is indicated:
    • situations of eating disorders, indigestion, diarrhoea;
    • restore intestinal flora after treatment with antibiotics or
    after the worms;
    • helping the body’s immune defences;
    • prevent intestinal problems like constipation and colitis.
    It is recommended for regular consumption on a full stomach, even for horses with poor or unbalanced diet, horses
    subjected to frequent travel, and therefore the possible risk
    of intestinal infections, or under particular stress, horses
    that live in environments polluted, and in general all those
    who want to improve digestion, assimilation and enhance
    the immune system of the horse.

  • Activa 6L Officinalis 1 Kg

    CHF 49,95
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  • AGF After Fatigue Gel My Horses

    Original price was: CHF 29,00.Current price is: CHF 24,90.

    AFG (After Fatigue Gel) is a soothing gel with MSM that helps you feel relief after strenuous work.

    This product is able to alleviate pain related to muscle and tendon fatigue following strains, sprains, strains and general inflammation thanks to the active ingredient of MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), a natural organic sulphide substance derived from tree bark, an essential constituent of connective tissue and joints that contributes to the well-being of cartilage.

    The contents of AFG help relieve pain locally due to the ice effect it releases after application. Also excellent in cases of fatigue pain.

    250 G

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    AGF After Fatigue Gel My Horses

    Original price was: CHF 29,00.Current price is: CHF 24,90.
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  • ALOE HEAL 113 gr

    CHF 36,14

    Aloe Vera Care Cream

    ALOE HEAL is a care cream rich in Aloe Vera, known for its moisturizing, regenerating and softening actions. ALOE HEAL is also enriched with vitamins A, D and E which contribute to the health and beauty of the skin and hair.

    ALOE HEAL is especially recommended for irritations, scratches, sunburn or burns due to harness.

  • ALOE HEAL 113 gr

    CHF 36,14
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  • aloevera skincare lotion 500ml

    CHF 25,09

    can be helpful for the treatment of skin eczemas like sweetitch, adds moisture

    Concentrated and moisturising skin care lotion with a high content of real aloe vera. Cares and soothes. The skin is supplied with vitamins, minerals and amino acids of aloe vera.
    Particularly suitable for supportive application in cases of itching, sweet itch, sore and stressed skin.

  • aloevera skincare lotion 500ml

    CHF 25,09
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  • Animalintex single piece

    CHF 14,05

    Impregnated multilayered poultice and wound dressing for the treatment of equine and canine wounds. Can be used as hot or cold poultice or as dry dressing to stem bleeding and absorb fluid

  • Animalintex single piece

    CHF 14,05
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  • Animalintex single piece 10 Pack

    CHF 134,50

    Impregnated multilayered poultice and wound dressing for the treatment of equine and canine wounds. Can be used as hot or cold poultice or as dry dressing to stem bleeding and absorb fluid

  • Animalintex single piece 10 Pack

    CHF 134,50
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    CHF 9,93

    Features extra long and soft synthetic bristles.

    Waldhausen”s HardWood-Series:
    classic brushes, beautifully finished, made of genuine wood, leather hand loops and high quality bristles: available at a great price-performance ratio!

    Size: Back: 18 cm, Bristles: 8 cm
    COLOR: kalamata


    CHF 9,93
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  • arena light Arena 2

    CHF 391,45

    SolarMate Arena2K is a lighting system with 2000 lumens of brightness that is self-powered using its highly efficient solar panel and internal lithium battery.

    SolarMate Arena2K is a 2000 lumen brightness flood lighting system that is self powered using its highly efficient solar cell and internal lithium battery pack.

    Arena2K supersedes the original ArenaLight and the added features include:

    1. 100% brighter light – covering 300sqm
    2. Bigger battery pack
    3. Option to add the Supercharger solar panel to boost run times up to 6 x longer, or to enable Arena2K to be used indoors
    4. Movement activation mode with more user control (eg with, or without, low level 50 lumen permanent light)
    Arena2K has two operation modes:

    Motion Activated (PIR) Mode

    In PIR mode, Arena2K can be set to illuminate automatically when movement is detected within 8m of its PIR sensor, making it ideal as a safety, security, car park, marine jetty or municipal walkway light.

    There is also the option to have passive illumination set at 50 lumen until movement is detected when the light level increases to 500 lumen for 30 seconds, or until the movement stops and then reverts to 50 lumen.

    Timed Illumination Mode

    In this mode Arena2K can operate for either one, or two, hours. A further one, or two, hours can be activated if needed. Brightness can be changed from 500, to 1000 or 1500 or 2000 lumen as desired. With its superior brightness just six Arena2K lights will be needed to illuminate a 40 x 30m space; ideal for larger equestrian arenas, 5 aside football pitches, tennis, volleyball and basket ball courts.

    Supercharging Arena2K

    Adding one or more Supercharger solar panels to Arena2K extends the light’s nightly run times (in winter) by up to six times. A maximum of three Supercharger panels can be daisy chained together by simply connecting the panel/s to Arena2K light via the port on the side of the light. Buy Supercharger solar panels here (product code SMAL002EX) here.

    Turning on Arena2K indoors

    The Supercharger panels also provide solar-powered flood lighting indoors which makes Arena2K the perfect solution for large off-grid buildings such as barns, lambing sheds and indoor riding schools.

    1 x Arena2K light
    1 x remote control and batteries
    2 x U-bolts (for pole fixing)
    1 x instruction sheet
    Two year warranty

  • arena light Arena 2

    CHF 391,45
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  • Arnica Gel myhorses 500 ml

    Original price was: CHF 35,00.Current price is: CHF 29,90.

    Arnica Gel myhorses

    Adjuvant gel in the treatment of inflammation and decongestant with a high Arnica content. Use after training to massage the horse’s limbs after exertion, strenuous exercise. Excellent as a cosmetic adjuvant for sprains, joint and muscle fatigue and tendonitis. Aids recovery time.

    Instructions for use: Rub in with a light manual massage, no need to bandage. Or dissolve a spoonful in water, wet gauze cotton with the resulting solution and bandage. Leave for about 12 hours. Caution, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, rinse thoroughly with water if necessary.

    Contains: 30 % Arnica Montana extract and MSM (METHYL SULFONYL METHANE).

    500 g tin

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    Arnica Gel myhorses 500 ml

    Original price was: CHF 35,00.Current price is: CHF 29,90.
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  • ARNICA LEG GEL 500 gr

    CHF 37,13

    Gel for the limbs of the horse based on Arnica and Aloe

    With well-known anti-inflammatory, decontracting properties,
    Arnica Montana contained in Arnica Leg Gel is widely used worldwide as decongestant and defatigating agent.
    of horseracing and riding. Just think how many times
    after a short walk, perhaps for a simple slip, the horse returns to the stable with a gait that can
    be simply irregular or markedly limped.
    Arnica Montana is also effective for the long-term treatment of traumas, tears and arthritic pains, typical especially of the
    elderly horses; or of subjects that are still young but abundantly exploited, from an orthopaedic point of view, during
    certain types of competitions such as show jumping.
    The other essential ingredient of Arnica Leg Gel is Aloe
    with analgesic, antiphlogistic and purifying properties now widely exploited also in the human field. The most important active ingredient of Aloe is a mucopolysaccharide,
    called Acemannan, with immunostimulant properties,
    capable of increasing by at least ten times the activities of the
    macrophages that destroy toxins.
    Aloe is regarded by many as a powerful energizer,
    primarily known for its inhibitory property on the
    pain; in fact, when applied locally, it penetrates all the layers of the
    dermis, by inhibiting the enzymes that cause inflammation
    and reducing it.
    Aloe also has healing properties, known and
    already used in Roman times, and for this Arnica Leg
    Gel is a suitable product even if used at a mild level.
    The Manganese and Selenium found in the structure of the Aloe itself release their antioxidant action,
    useful on a muscular level.
    Arnica Leg Gel is therefore an ideal topical use gel if applied in any case of sprains, contusions, slight cuts
    entities and abrasions.
    The product can be used before or after training. Apply gently to tendons. Not
    use the product with bandages or by spreading it
    vigorously because it could have an irritating effect. Arnica Leg Gel can be diluted with water.
    warm to create a relaxing bath for the muscles

  • ARNICA LEG GEL 500 gr

    CHF 37,13
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  • Arthro Balm 1 KG Stiefel

    CHF 21,98

    Support for your horse’s legs
    For stressed joints, tendons, and muscles
    For massaging in
    With eucalyptus, peppermint oil, and rosemary

    Stiefel Arthro Balm is a massage-in cream with eucalyptus, peppermint oil, and rosemary. Its invigorating ingredients mean that Stiefel Arthro Balm can have a beneficial effect on strained and slightly painful tendons, joints, and muscles. The natural ingredients cool and freshen up the legs and can promote circulation. Rosemary is also said to have a relieving effect on pain. Used externally, Stiefel Arthro Balm is not relevant to doping regulations.

    Apply 1-2 times daily to the affected external areas (joints, tendons or muscles) and massage gently. Then apply a thicker layer and leave it to act. The affected regions should be dry and clean.

    Ingredients (INCI)
    AquaGlycerinIsopropyl Alcohol PEG- Castor OilHelianthus Annuus OilCarbomerMethyl Salicylate Mentha ArvensisMenthol Rosmarinus OfficinalisTerpineolPhenoxyethanolEthylhexyglycerinCI 42051Sodium HydroxideCI 19140CI 16255

  • Arthro Balm 1 KG Stiefel

    CHF 21,98
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  • Arthro Plus 30% Stiefel

    CHF 59,06

    For joints and sinews

    With rampion and herbs
    Balanced vitamins and trace elements
    30% New Zealand green-lip mussel

    Stiefel Arthro Plus is a special mixture of New Zealand green-lip mussel powder, a herb mixture with rampion and balanced vitamins. The mixture can compensate for deficiencies that have a negative effect on joint sinews and the entire musculoskeletal system.

    The power mixture for the musculoskeletal system consists of 30% New Zealand green-lip mussel powder, a herb mixture and balanced vitamins and trace elements. Arthro Plus can have analgesic effects on the musculoskeletal system and the synovial fluid. With New Zealand green-lip mussel 30%, rampion 5%, herbs, vitamins and trace elements.

    Feeding recommendation:
    Horses (600 kg body weight) 10 g per day
    Small horses 5 g per day
    for increased needs 30 g – 60 g per day
    (1 heaped measuring spoon = approx. 10 g).

    This feed contains more feed additives than complete feeds and is therefore restricted to a maximum of 500 g per day. Store the feed in a cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight. Use soon after opening. Store out of reach of children. Please take note of the current anti-doping and medication control directives (ADMR) of the FM (German Riding Association). This product does not need to be labelled according to GMO regulations.

    Product Properties : Food supplements
    Anti-doping: 72-hour waiting period
    30% Green-lipped mussel powder13% Wheat11% Wheat feed6,5% Maize 5% Rampion 5,1% Horsetail3,75% Rosehip peels 2% Soy oil1% Dextrose4,65% Goldenrod1,5% Willow bark
    Analytical components
    Crude protein 21 %
    Crude fibre 4 %
    Crude oils and fats 7 %
    Crude ash 8,2 %
    Nutritional Additives
    Ingredients per kg
    Vitamin A 100.000 UI
    Vitamin D3 10.000 UI
    Vitamin E 500 mg
    Nicotinic acid 6.000 mg
    Choline as choline chloride 10.000 mg
    Iron as ferrous sulfate monohydrate E1 3.000 mg
    Zinc as zinc oxide, monohydrate 3.000 mg
    DL-methionine 10.000 mg

  • Arthro Plus 30% Stiefel

    CHF 59,06
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  • Barrier Boot Davis

    CHF 59,22

    They are suitable as permanent protection during the exits but also as a replacement iron in case you detach a horseshoe.

    They are suitable as permanent protection during the exits but also as a replacement iron in case you detach a horseshoe. Plastic resistant/ PVC offers optimal protection against hoof wounds. With the simple but comfortable Pull-On system and a durable nylon strap for good sealing. It can also be used in case of injury or hoof disorders, because the horse can wear it even if not under direct surveillance.

  • Barrier Boot Davis

    CHF 59,22
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    CHF 6.714,85

    The JT-300LP is a four wheels carrier. The tilting tiller, which acts on the steering wheel.

    great control
    and easy handling. It has an accelerator operated by the thumb, allowing the use of only one hand. This carrier
    is ideal for both indoor and outdoor work, in greenhouses and in nurseries. It can push or pull without effort.
    The 260-liter flatbed is perfect for the rail industry, in Primary care trust centers, in hotels, in greenhouses and
    nurseries, for gardening and in livestock paddocks.

    Equipment body 4 wheels
    Driving wheels on differential Garden type
    Driving control type Tiller
    Accelerator Butterfly type
    Battery charger External, 13A High Frequency
    Dashboard display JT300L-P Remaining battery charge
    Equipment failures
    Hour meter
    JT300L-S Remaining battery charge
    JT300L-E Remaining battery charge
    Parking brake Electromagnetic
    AGM batteries 2 x 12V/85 Ah C20
    Electric motor JT300L-P 24V / 1200 Watt S2 60 Min.
    JT300L-S 24V / 900 Watt S1.
    JT300L-E 24V / 600 Watt S2 20 Min.
    Product net weight from 173 kg abt

    Loading capacity on flat surfaces* JT300L-P 500 kg
    JT300L-S 400 kg
    JT300L-E 300 kg
    Max gradient* 20%
    Forward speed:
    Fast 5 Km/h abt
    Slow 2,5 km/h abt
    Reverse speed:
    Fast 3 Km/h abt
    Slow 1,5 Km/habt
    Battery recharging time 8 hours abt


    CHF 6.714,85
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  • BEECH TAR Horse Master 300 ml

    CHF 16,00

    Protection and care of hooves

    BEECH TARS have known antiseptic and fungicidal properties, which protect the sole and the frog.
    Beech GOUDRON is also a very effective waterproofing agent in a wet environment, providing long-lasting and natural protection for your horse’s feet. The aerosol makes the tar very easy to use, allows you to cover the most difficult to reach areas and avoids staining.

  • BEECH TAR Horse Master 300 ml

    CHF 16,00
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