Cavalor Muddoc 200ml

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100 (no doping) anti-fidinto ointment.

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Cavalor Muddoc stops bacterial proliferation and prevents future development of spiders.

Disinfect irritated skin and then apply Cavalor Muddoc. For external use only.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Cavalor MudDoc so effective for curing spiders?

It is so effective because it contains NAB (Natural Anti Biotic), a new principle developed to counteract the specific bacteria that cause the spiders.

Can I use Cavalor MudDoc on wounds?

Shaving the affected area can create further injuries. We do not recommend applying CavalorMudDoc on wounds as the product may interact with the injured skin causing the horse’s legs to swell.

Do I have to remove the crusts before applying Cavalor MudDoc ?

No, not specifically. Removing crusts could cause wounds and damage to the skin. Warning: To avoid hypersensitivity, it is recommended not to apply Cavalor MudDoc in the 24 hours following the shaving.