Cavalor Solemate 1.6 kg

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Cavalor SoleMate is today the most advanced product in the treatment and prevention of hoof trauma.

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Cavalor SoleMate

Cavalor Solemate should be used on the sole of the horse’s foot.

Use gloves for application because the product is extremely sticky.

Completely clean all areas of the sole of the hoof using a metal brush if necessary.

The compress must come into direct contact with the sole to be effective.

Use enough Cavalor Solemate to cover the suns at 1 cm deep.

Apply evenly inside as well.

After smearing the product wrap with a bandage to hold the application stop.

Frequently asked questions

Does Solemate strengthen the hooves?

It can help develop good fabrics in the hoof.

How does Solemate apply?

Put directly in contact with the sole, cover with plastic or paper and wrap (not with bundles). Cavalor Solemate takes 3-4 hours before it takes effect reaching its peak after 8-10 hours. Leave for up to two days. In acute forms it is recommended to change the product daily for at least three consecutive days, then apply at least twice a week. Leave the product for 24-48 hours. To remove the product use a “hoof cleaner”. The longer it applies, the better the effects.

After application the pain subsides, if the horse has delicate and sensitive hooves?

Of course, it helps a lot as Cavalor Solemate has excellent pain-relieving properties.