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Starbar Fly Stik Junior

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Adhesive trap for flying insects suitable for inside and outside of the box.

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Details about “Starbar Fly Stik Junior”

Starbar Fly Stik Junior

Fly Stik Junior is a stick about 30cm long, suitable to be placed both inside and outside the box.

  • Free of insecticides or other dangerous chemicals.
  • It traps insects without emitting harassing odors, so it acts in full respect of the environment.
  • Fly Stik Junior is covered with the special Fly-Go adhesive paper designed to catch flies, fanfani and midges.

Fly Stiks can also be used safely in places with people, animals or food, as they do not contain insecticides of any kind. Fly Stiks do not emit odours, vapors or noises and act in full respect of the environment and nature.

Mechanism of action
Fly Stiks are covered with the special Fly-Glo adhesive paper® specifically designed to attract and capture flies, fanafers and midges.
As soon as the insects come into contact with the Fly Stiks they can no longer free themselves.

How to use it

  • Carefully pull the sticks out of their casing, taking them by the hook and parading them vertically, without touching the adhesive part.
  • Hang the sticks at the top and anyway so that people or pets can’t accidentally come into contact with them.
  • Replace the sticks when the 80% of the surface is covered with insects. Wrap them in a newspaper sheet and then throw them in the garbage.

Keep in mind that the high adhesiveness of the glue can catch even small birds or bats, so avoid placing the sticks in areas frequented by these animals.

If, accidentally, the glue attaches to the skin or clothing, to remove it use a delicate soap and water.
If it sticks to animal hair or fur instead, use, in abundance, a baby oil massaging well the part to be treated. If necessary, repeat the treatment several times to eliminate any glue residue.

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