Vetrolin Green Spot Out

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Promptly removes stains from the mantle without water use.


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Vetrolin Green Spot Out is a special stain remover, containing Tea Tree Essential Oil, which promptly removes from the mantle any stain of urine, manure or sweat both fresh and dried. In fact, it is essential in the daily cleaning of the horse to eliminate both after-work sweat encrustations, especially in the area of the saddle and straps, as well as any stains of urine, manure, or mud or sand, especially in the areas of the saddle and straps, delicate foot.
Often, in fact, if all these areas are not cleaned properly, they become the ideal soil for the development of any bacteria and fungi, which can spread rapidly like oil on the mantle of the horse, leading to widespread skin pathologies such as especially when the horse’s immune systems are reduced due to various stresses. After applying the Vetrolin Green Spot Out it is not necessary to rinse but it is enough to brush when the hair is dry. It is essential to introduce the use of a stain stainer in the cleaning and grooming phases of the horse and, having established the effectiveness of this product, it is recommended to spray a small amount of product directly to the precise point to be stained.


Tea Tree Essential Oil, or “Tree of The”, derived from The Melaleuca Artenifolia, performs an immunostimulating action and is active against bacteria, fungi and viruses, thus playing an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal role. For its aromatic index is included among the major essential oils, it has action on both gram positive and negative Gram bacteria as well as on some fungi such as Candida Albicans.
Tea Tree Essential Oil is only suitable for external use, since it contains some cyclical terpenes, which are toxic when ingested. It should not be used on open wounds.


Spray a small amount of Glasslin Green Spot Out directly onto the stain. Rub with a moistened cloth until the stain is removed. Review with a dry cloth and brush.