GO MAX Farnam 946ml

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Complementary food suitable for sports horses. High concentration of iron

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Go Max is a vitamin-mineral supplement with a high concentration of iron and of all the fundamental constituents
synthesis of red blood cells and blood hemoglobin. Go Max is able to increase resistance to effort in the sport horse, reducing the recovery time of the organism. Iron together with Copper, Cobalt and B Vitamins is crucial for the renewal of red blood cells and the maintenance of cellular and muscle oxygenation. Go Max also performs its integration into the diet of growing foals and mares in pregnancies. It is useful in prevention and treatment in debilitating conditions and in convalescence states with an appetiteal effect.

USO MODE Horses in training: 30/60ml per day. Horses in the race, pregnant mares, stallions playing: 60ml per day. Debilitated horses: 60ml per day for 2 weeks, then 30/60ml per day. Horses at rest: 30ml per day. Puledri: 15ml per day.

COMPOSITION / LT Content per kg for 30 ml Iron 9393 mg 265.8 mg Copper 940 mg 26.6 mg Zinc 3100 mg 87.7 mg Selenio 7.8 mg 0.2 mg Potassium 3100 mg3100 mg 87.7 mg Magnesium 4000 mg 113.2 mg Manganese 630 mg 17.8 mg Sodium 100 mg 2.8 mg Cobalt 17 mg 0.48 mg Vit. At 766,612 UI 21694 mg Vit. D3 70,000 UI 1981 mg Vit. And 1071 mg 30.3 mg Vit. B12 3,748 mg 106.1 mcg Vit. B1 937 mg 26.5 mg Vit. B2 875 mg 24.8 mg Vit. B6 312 mg 8.8 mg Ac. Folic 312 mg 8.8 mg Biotin 0.792 mcg 22.4 mcg Niacina 6.6 mg 0.19 mg choline 5592 mg 158.2 mg Ac. Pantothenic 1562 mg 44.2 mg