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Farnam Leather New Spray 473 ml

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Self-cleaning soap with glycerin for the care of leather, cleans and polishes at once.

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Details about “Farnam Leather New Spray 473 ml”

Farnam Leather New Spray 473ml

Leather New Spray is a self-cleaning saddle soap that cleans and polishes at once. Farnam Leather New Spray cleans, softens and preserves the color and structure of the leather, leaving a shine that lasts a long time. Improved formula compared to current formulas, does not dull the leather like saddle soaps, does not stain the leather like neatsfoot oil and does not stain horse pants. Repair and renew the leather, make your saddle become new and shiny with a single application.

How to use
First remove dust and dirt from the leather with a soft brush or vacuum. Spray Leather New directly onto the leather to be treated.
Notes: Do not allow Leather New to drain. Use a soft, dry cloth to spread it on the leather to be treated.
Be sure to use a cloth soft enough to penetrate the seams and cracks. Fry with the cloth until the foam disappears. Light with a clean, dry cloth.
Also use Leather New Spray on wet leather to prevent its hardening. Also use on hardened leather to soften it and prevent cracking.

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