Starbar Proxilar – 12

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Anti-mosquito tablets for stagnant water treatment

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Starbar Proxilar – 12

Proxilar is used to fight the larvae of numerous species of mosquitoes (Culex pipiens, Aedes albopticus, Ochlerotatus caspius, etc…)

Proxilar is a product based on Pyriproxyfen, a low toxicity antilarval insecticide that belongs to the category of growth regulators (I.G.R.) and prevents the development of larvae into adult insect .

Proxilar is particularly suitable for the treatment of small water stagnation such as: manholes, wolf mouths, undervased, caditoia and stagnation in general.

Proxilar Tablets is suitable for the treatment of manholes, caditoias, wolf mouths and stagnation in general.

How to use
For the treatment of manholes place a tablet per manhole, for other types of stagnation use one tablet for every 40 liters of stagnant water. When applying the tablet, make sure that it comes into contact with the stagnant water present in the outbreak. For continuous control of the mosquito population we recommend the application of a tablet every 3-4 weeks.