Diatomite 1 KG

CHF 21,00

For skin and coat
With zinc and vitamin B complex
Balanced composition
Suitable for feeding during a coat change

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Stiefel Diatomite with diatomaceous earth, essential vitamin B complex, sulphuric amino acid and zinc. The balanced composition of the pellets can have a positive effect on the skin and coat in the event of feed-related deficiencies.
HINT! Stiefel Diatomite is particularly suitable for feeding during a coat change.

Stiefel Diatomite is provided as support feed in the event of skin problems, recurring itching and coat change. Diatomite consists of natural silicic acid, which contains a compound based on the trace element silicon and water. Silicon is an important tissue building block that is also involved in the skin metabolism and in cellular growth. Stiefel Diatomite is further enriched with additional zinc and vitamin B complex and counteracts feed-related deficiencies accordingly. Zinc is classified as one of the essential metabolic trace elements. It is a component of many enzymes. Zinc fulfils a multitude of roles in the body. It has, for example, an important function in the sugar, fat and protein metabolism and is involved in cellular growth. The immune system and many hormones require zinc to function. It also plays a central role in wound healing. This trace element cannot be stored by the body and must therefore regularly be supplied from the outside. Particularly high amounts of zinc are required during growth and coat change. B-vitamins are known as regulators for the metabolism and are important for the skin, its structure and its protective function.

Feeding information:
Horses (600 kg body weight) 30 – 50 g per day
Small horses 15 – 25 g per day
(1 measuring spoon = approx. 20 g)

This feed supplement contains more feed additives than complete feeds and is therefore restricted to a maximum of 300 g per day.
Store in a cool and dry place protected against direct sunlight. Use soon after opening. Store out of reach of small children.

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