Cavalor Arti Matrix 2 kg

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Complementary feed for horses to meet the increasingly growing need for nutrients in the locomotor system in sport horses, which are subjected to great efforts.

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Cavalor® Arti Matrix – Supplements Line for Sport Horses


Practical research has shown that Cavalor Arti Matrix determines an improvement in clinical conditions in the case of joint problems or early-stage navicitis. Cavalor Arti Matrix represents a solution to the serious problems associated with bones, joint capsules, tendons, muscle tissue, cartilage and synovial fluid and is therefore a complete product for the joints in all their structures.
Thanks to its specific composition the effects of the use of Cavalor Arti Matrix can be seen after a very short time. The composition of many medicines is based on the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which, by removing the pain, can cause further damage to the joints. With the use of Cavalor Arti Matrix it can sometimes be observed an apparent deterioration of the joints in the first days of treatment that in reality is not a real deterioration but that necessary physiological change that ensures a rapid recovery after 14 days.

Cavalor Arti Matrix expresses the situation at different levels:

  • provides the necessary nutrients to the joints and synovial fluid
  • It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect
  • makes blood more fluid so as to favor the transport of nutrients and the removal of toxic substances, especially in the smallest capillaries and therefore at the level of the joints
  • stimulates the body’s resistance to fight autoimmune reactions


Hydroxy apatite (from fish): it is a complex consisting of collagen and non-collagen proteins, vitamins and minerals. hydroxyapatite contains the most important growth promoter for the production of joint fluid and bone tissue. hydroxyapatite is an important source of calcium.
Glucosamine chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid: glucosaminoglycans are a fundamental constituent of ligaments, tendon, bones and synovial (synovial fluid)
Fatty Acids And Omega 3: precursor of glutathione 1 and 3. Glutathione has a very high antioxidant power
MSM: sulfur is important for muscles, joints, bone and blood cartilages. MSM is the source of sulfur with the best absorption is the best biological availability
Vitamins: C + E + Beta-carotene + Bioflavonoids: they have an important antioxidant function which is fundamental for the absorption of the active constituents and the increase of the immune defenses.

Indication for use:

Add to the normal daily ration for a minimum of 4 weeks:
Ponies: 30gr / day
Horses: 45 gr / day
Maximum per horse: 90 gr / day

Frequent questions:

When is it best to use Cavalor Arti Base? When is Cavalor Arti Matrix preferable?

Cavalor Arti Matrix is ​​very concentrated in order to combine the greater nutritional needs of horses with inflamed joints and horses subjected to very intense work, such as sport horses. Cavalor Arti Matrix is ​​usually given in specific periods (for 6/8 weeks) in horses at high risk of joint inflammation. Generally Cavalor Arti Base is used in the interruption phases of the Arti Matrix to continue to provide nourishment and keep the joints in good condition. Cavalor Arti Base and Cavalor Arti Matrix can be given to horses with joint problems without any type of contraindication.

What distinguishes Cavalor Arti Matrix from other joint supplements?

Cavalor Arti Matrix acts on three different levels (vd.pag.15). It contains important ingredients such as: Glucosamine, Condritin Sulphate, MSM, HA.

Can I administer Cavalor Arti Matrix for long periods?

Yes, it can be safely administered for long periods. High-level competition horses use Cavalor Arti Matrix continuously without having any side effects. SolusCavalor Arti Matrix is ​​given alternately with the Cavalor Arti Base to guarantee optimal nutritional support for the joints.

Can I use Cavalor Arti Matrix before the races?

Yes, it is recommended to use Cavalor Arti Matrix for at least 8 weeks. We recommend using Cavalor Free Bute Pro in combination with Arti Matrix when an increase in joint inflammation due to increased stress is expected.

Can we use the Cavalor Arti Matrix together with the Adequan?

Yes, the use of the Adequan combined with an Arti Matrix treatment is definitely functional. The nutritional support provided by the Arti Matrix allows to considerably lengthen the interval between one injection and the next.

When do I begin to notice the first effects of the Matrix Arts?

Some horses begin to notice improvements after just a few days. In order to have the best result, it is advisable to administer Arti Matrix for 8 weeks as some ingredients take a long time to be able to carry out and prolong their beneficial effects.

Why should I administer a product for oral use when I regularly inject glycosaminoglycans?

The injections have a very high concentration of active ingredients, which however have little lasting effects. In the oral product the concentration of active ingredients that ends up in the blood stream is lower but remains in the blood for a longer period. Oral use reduces the frequency of injections and, consequently, all the associated risks.