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Cavalor Bronchix liquid 1 lt

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The fast solution for coughs, irritated mucous membranes and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

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CAVALOR® BRONCHIX LIQUID – Supplements Line for Sport Horses


Cavalor BRONCHIX LIQUID helps the first part of the respiratory tract especially in the event of coughing due to irritation or chilling. Cavalor BRONCHIX LIQUID contains plant extracts and essential oils known for their beneficial action on the respiratory system. Cavalor BRONCHIX LIQUID has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the upper respiratory tract, returns the appetite to the horse, activates digestion favoring the secretion of bile and stimulates the lungs.


Composed of extracts of aromatic plants such as eucalyptus, Scots pine, lemon, rosemary, oregano.
Directions for use

Administer 25 ml for 5 consecutive days in drinking water, food or directly in the mouth twice a day, repeat or extend the treatment as needed. Cavalor BRONCHIX LIQUID can be used during competitions
Specific questions:
What is the difference between Cavalor Bronchix Chronic, Cavalor Bronchix Liquid and Cavalor Bronchix Pure?
Cavalor Bronchix Liquid opens the upper respiratory tract helping respiration especially in case of coughing due to irritation. Cavalor Bronchix Chronic has been studied to treat coughs that persist for long periods. CavalorBronchix Pure combines the beneficial effects of both products.
How does Cavalor Bronchix Liquid work?
Cavalor Bronchix Liquid opens the upper respiratory tract in order to improve breathing, especially in cases of coughing two to irritation.
Does Bronchix Liquid provide immediate relief?
Yes, it has immediate effect.
Is it normal to see mucus in the nostrils after using Cavalor Bronchix Liquid?
Yes, it is a signal indicative of the operation of the Cavalor Bronchix Liquid.
Can it be administered directly into the horse’s mouth?
Yes, through a syringe.