Officinalis Cretata dopo lavoro 1,5 Kg

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Sterile caolino with chamomile extracts, ideal for making knee wraps, hocks and tendons.

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Officinalis Cretata after work 1.5 kg

It is a completely natural paste consisting of a mixture of clay (caolino). Thanks to the high concentration of minerals present in the sterile caolino that makes up the clay, superior to that present in the limbs of the horse, the clays favor the non-forming or reabsorption of the sinus fluid in the hocks, tendons and knees horse. It contains lavender officinal water rich in the beneficial substances that this wonderful plant gives us, obtained by immersing fresh flowers in the water. Ideal to use during hard work.

USE AND DOSAGE: After thoroughly cleaning the affected part, spread the product by massaging carefully to promote its absorption. If used as a defaticant after training or competition, let it dry and then remove with brushing. For hocks, tendons and knees it is recommended before brushing to wet with cold water to facilitate cleaning and tone the part. If used in tendon and muscle recovery, bandage and let it rest for 12 hours.