Farnam Clear Eyes 103ml

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Sterile ophthalmic solution for horses

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The state of eye health is certainly an important index to assess the general condition of the subject; through the examination of the eye you can in fact have important indications about the presence of pathologies concerning other organs as well. In this regard, the examination of the conjunctive is undoubtedly a valuable help: under normal conditions it must have a rosy complexion while a pale color can be a sign of anemia and a yellowish color can result from liver problems.
The eyes are also subject to aggression by external agents such as impurities or dusts that cause irritation and discomfort to the animal; This happens mainly to animals that live outdoors or during walks. Clear Eyes is a sterile ophthalmic solution that respects the composition of tear fluid, indicated for daily cleaning of the eyes without causing irritation; for careful cleaning before starting a specific antibiotic or anti-inflammatory therapy, thereby promoting the therapeutic effect.


Remove the seal from the cap and place the spout in the nasal corner of the eye, keeping the eye open with thumb and forefinger, instill the liquid in sufficient quantities to wash the eye.
Dry the excess with a dry towel that needs to be replaced when cleaning the other eye to avoid transmitting any pathologies. Since the solution is sterile, it is advisable not to put the cap or spout in contact with any surface to maintain the sterility of the product. Clear Eyes, thanks to its sterile composition, can be used every day without causing any irritation to the eyes.