Farnam Vetrolin Detangler 355ml

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Concentrated instant extricant districtary for tail and mane

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During the grooming of the horse you should pay special attention to the care of the mane and tail. In fact, nature has equipped the horse with these two anatomical components as an excellent means of defense against insects.
For this reason, in addition to the advice to avoid cutting them too short, it is also very useful not to tear them during brushing.
The tail hairs take about 6 years to lengthen and reach the normal length! Often, however, it is difficult to keep the mane and tail of a horse living outdoors in good condition. It can also happen that, if particularly ruffled, they become entangled during a contest between the hands and the reins of the knight, thus offering an unprofessional spectacle.
This is why the daily operation of brushing becomes basic and can be facilitated by the use of instant dryers such as the Detangler Vetrolin, which, thanks to its special concentrated formula containing silicones, instantly eliminates the knots from the tail and mane, leaving the silky and flowing hair.
The aid of the Vetrolin Detangler increases the volume of the tail and mane accordingly, releasing a fresh herbal fragrance.


Silicones have a special formula that eliminates knots easily and quickly, making the hair smooth, without damaging and drying it. This increases the volume of the mane and tail, which become more treatable and shiny. Silicones are present in many cosmetic products that are applied even before the complete drying on the hair, mane and tail. With these products “leave on” or “leave to act” you can avoid tearing hairs and tail hairs during brushing.


After making shampoo with Vetrolin Bath or Vetrolin Body Wash, apply 1-2 tablespoons of Glasslin Detangler on the tail and mane with the help of a brush. Continue treatment using small amounts of product until the nodes have been completely removed.