Horse Master Verutex B

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Skin loathing specific to the treatment of papillome and warts.

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COMPOSITION Aqua, Thuja Westerns extract, alcohol.


It is common to find unsightly papillomes or warts in both adult horses and foal, however it is much more frequent in young people, between the year and the two years of life. The most frequent localizations are the lips, the eye contour, the foreskin and the belly, but it is not uncommon for other parts of the body to develop as well as shins or nods.
To viral etiology such growths can easily be transmitted from one subject to another within the same stable.
Often considered an exquisitely aesthetic problem, papillomi sometimes, depending on the location, become real annoyances for both the horse and the rider.
If they develop on the skin at points of contact with mouthing or harnesses, or at the level of the limbs where the bumpers are to be placed, they can in fact detach in a bloody way and face persistent bleeding, they can become infected or even worse recurrence but with increasing size, thus making it impossible to use the animal.
Verutex B based on Thuja extract, performs at the skin level a moisturizing, soothing and stimulation action on dermal renewal, facilitates the detachment of papillomas or warts.
In addition, the virrotic properties of the Thuja plant block, or otherwise slow down, the replication of the responsible virus thus hindering further development.


Scour the affected part with a cloth soaked in product twice a day until resolution.

* The Thuja Occidentalis is a species of the genus Thuja, an evergreen conifer of the Cupressaceae family native to North America. In phytotherapy is documented the use of the essential oil of this plant, to be applied locally, to fight warts or papillomes facilitating its detachment.